Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Wedding #4

Hi there,

So I have completed #4 - yours truly and Rodney - and the series is almost complete.....however I decided that while I loved the #4 of Mum and Dad the colours didn't quite look right for the 4 pages to go alongside each other. So I made a second version using some Kaiser paper from a few years back. I very much like this version as part of the series. I'll have the photos of it in my next post. The first one will find its way into a scrapbook, or maybe I'll give it to Mum and Dad. Not sure yet.

Also to be decided on is how the pages will go on the wall. My original thought was to glue them to a canvas, but I just know they'll attrach dust like bees to a honeypot so I'm thinking of some box thingies - shadow boxes?? - if I can find a way to buy or make without too much expense.

So for wedding #4 I used some gorgeous paper with glittered swirls on it that looks a little like the wallpaper in our bedroom.

It took ages to find the right objects to get the large circles as I wanted them. I have a great circle cutter, but it only goes to about 4 inches radius. One day I will find the perfect cutter of circles. :-)
Instead of using lace from my grandmother's stash, I cut up some of the ever-dimishing store of left-over lace from my wedding dress. It was expensive so I'm glad I'm getting extra mileage out of it!

To complete the layout bits and bobs, there is an oval shaped metal trinket half hiding behind the blue flowers. Its one from my wee (make that huge!) goodie bag from Nic Howard.
Hope you like this one.

Have a great week.


  1. lovely layout! Try the Warehouse they have great shadow boxes usually and abour $19 each :-)

  2. Another stunning layout Kathryn and gorgeous lace. It is wonderful to use memorabilia pages if possible. Hope you solve the framing issue. They would all look lovely framed - just be careful with the sizing.