Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Wedding #3 Revisited

Hi again,

Two posts in one week! Don't worry it probably won't happen again (at least not too soon).

As mentioned in my last post, I revisited Mum and Dad's Wedding #4 page. I loved the layout but the colours just didn't gel with the other 3 pages. So I pretty much stuck to the layout plan with a few minor tweaks.

I had just enough of the wider lace left, but I've got to tidy up the ends as some little bits of thread stick out the side.
The orangey version had a pre-cut scalloped paper which was a small challenge to replicate. With a bit of tracing paper and a lot of patience I managed fair attempt and I don't think anyone will be looking too closely to notice that the scallops aren't quite equal in size. :-)

The Make It Crafty swirl and photo corners have been inked with Walnut stain (Distress Ink). I then used Perfect Pearls pearl on the swirl and Platinum Liquid Pearls on the photo corners and the circle of dots is also Platinum LP. I used some leafy diecuts from Make It Crafty (inked with Forest Green distress ink) and Prima flowers and the usual rosebuds round off the embellishments.

So there you have it. Four Generations of Weddings. The final setting still to be decided.

Enjoy the rest of the week.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Wedding #4

Hi there,

So I have completed #4 - yours truly and Rodney - and the series is almost complete.....however I decided that while I loved the #4 of Mum and Dad the colours didn't quite look right for the 4 pages to go alongside each other. So I made a second version using some Kaiser paper from a few years back. I very much like this version as part of the series. I'll have the photos of it in my next post. The first one will find its way into a scrapbook, or maybe I'll give it to Mum and Dad. Not sure yet.

Also to be decided on is how the pages will go on the wall. My original thought was to glue them to a canvas, but I just know they'll attrach dust like bees to a honeypot so I'm thinking of some box thingies - shadow boxes?? - if I can find a way to buy or make without too much expense.

So for wedding #4 I used some gorgeous paper with glittered swirls on it that looks a little like the wallpaper in our bedroom.

It took ages to find the right objects to get the large circles as I wanted them. I have a great circle cutter, but it only goes to about 4 inches radius. One day I will find the perfect cutter of circles. :-)
Instead of using lace from my grandmother's stash, I cut up some of the ever-dimishing store of left-over lace from my wedding dress. It was expensive so I'm glad I'm getting extra mileage out of it!

To complete the layout bits and bobs, there is an oval shaped metal trinket half hiding behind the blue flowers. Its one from my wee (make that huge!) goodie bag from Nic Howard.
Hope you like this one.

Have a great week.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Four Generations - Wedding #3

Hi there,

Wedding #3 is my parents. While I got the bulk of the page done last weekend down at the Oamaru crop, I had to wait until today to get the final piece into the page. I needed to get a current photo of Mum and Dad and when I dropped in last week Mum refused to pose because she was still in her tennis clothes and her hair (she reckoned) was messy! So I made a 'formal' appointment for yesterday and got the pic printed today.

This page is quite different in colouring from the first two - a lighter, brighter feel to it - although I think I still have the heritage look. Mum's bridesmaids wore an apricot-y outfit which I wanted to be represented. I don't normally use the orange portion of the colour-wheel but I am rather happy with the final result.

Mum and Dad were married on 9 February 1957; 55 years and still going strong. :-)

As with Wedding #2, I have used some resin flowers - this time a new poppy mold - but these ones were a rather difficult to paint. Well, not so much paint but to get the right colour. I started out with some pale apricot but it looked too 'new and clean' so I had to make some more and second time around I went for a darker orange. The paint job wasn't as good but once the gold liquid pearls was added to the centres I found they fitted into the distressed, aged look of the page.

The other lighter flowers are made using my new Tim Holtz "Tattered Pinecone" die. By curling it slightly differently it comes up with a rose-like flower. I like it.....I like it a lot! Also in there are some little green flower-like resin pieces.

Other elements on the page: Kaiser "Miss Match" paper collection, Make It Crafty circle swirl and corners, the Martha Stewart punch - this time using the corner punch to highlight the green layer, 3 lots of lace from my old lace stash, and a few paper rose buds.

The circle element of this page is the pre-cut Kaiser paper. There were faint outlines of circles which I have sewn on, and also dotted with liquid pearls. There was an inner circle of darker dots which I have punched through to show the green layer underneath.

So now I move onto Wedding #4 - Rodney and me. I've got the background but am still waiting for some inspiration on the layout. Watch this space!

Have a great week.