Friday, September 28, 2012

Four Generations of Weddings

Hi there!

I now have a title for my family tree project - Four Generations of Weddings - and I have completed 2 of the 4 so far.

Great Grandparents - A H Roberts & G E Dohrmann (or as Mum said "Gertie and Harry"!).
I have already done a few pages on these two (back in 2010) and the only reason I can think why I have focused on them is that she was the only one of all my great grandparents that I met, or at least remember meeting. They were married in 1898 and Gertrude lived into her nineties; I remember a few visits back in the early 1970s to Great-Auntie Alice at Pleasant Point (yes, if you know that song I do - or did - actually have an Auntie Alice!) and Great Grandma sat in the lounge for a wee while. She was very frail by then and I don't remember much else about those visits.

Anyway, my Mum's, Mum's parents made it to 60 (Diamond) years of marriage and there are a number of photos of the entire clan gathered at Prospect Farm near Pleasant Point to celebrate the occasion. The photo in the small frame is from that celebration.

Products used in this layout: Anna Griffin patterned paper (bought this years ago!), Kaiser cardstock, Dusty Attic (the large circle frame and small oval frame), Tim Holtz distress crackle paint and distress inks, Martha Stewart around the page punch (love it!), liquid pearls and miscellaneous flowers. The lace is from a large stash I inherited from my nana (Myrtle in the next page).

Grand Parents: H O Fort & M M Roberts
Unlike Harry & Gertie, unfortunately my maternal grandparents didn't make it much past a Pearl wedding anniversary. Henry died in 1960 while having an operation on his appendix. Myrtle lived for a further 35 years and died a few days after the anniversary of Henry's death. As Mum put it - they died in the same week, just 35 years apart.

She had a few ups and downs in her late eighties and spent the last 6-7 years of her life in a rest home. She wasn't too happy about that to start with - she was a very independent lady! - but I don't think there is a photo anywhere of her without a smile on her face. She loved having visitors.
I have a ton of memories of visiting "Uncle Ken's Nana" as she was first known to me, most times finding her in the garden or crocheting in the lounge in front of the fire. We called her that for years; when my eldest brother was working out who was who, our Uncle Ken was still living with Nana so that's how he distinguished her from Dad's mum. When my younger sister came along she had no idea who Ken was - he married and moved to Aussie when I was about 3 - so she asked "was it Nana around the corner or Nana up the road" because that's where they lived in relation to our house. Boys will be boys and my brothers changed this to round the bend and up the wall. Dad's mum wasn't particularly pleased so she remained Nanna, but Mum's mum loved it and from then on all our birthday and Christmas cards were signed Nana RTB. :-)

Products used in this layout: Kaiser paper, Lucky 8 punch (to create the "doily" background), Dusty Attic (small oval frame and photo corners), Martha Stewart RTP punch, Tim Holtz distress inks, liquid pearls and miscellaneous flowers. Take particular note of the large pink roses - they are ones I've made using the resin & molds that Nic Howard sells. Don't look too close those, cause I used a huge paintbrush (why???) instead of a small one to paint the leaves. Doh! The lace is again from Nana (RTB's) stash.

So that's it for now. My biggest blog post ever - sorry bout that! I'm hoping to make a start on wedding #3 this weekend.

Have a great week!


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  1. Loving your heritage pages Kathryn. Great to get those stories written down. Looking forward to seeing the next one.