Sunday, April 22, 2012

It's been a while....

Yes, I know. It's been forever since my last post and I promised last time to be more diligent. Oh well.

Life at our house has been crazy for a while......I won't bore you with too many details but the end result is that we have refinanced with ASB and combined our debts (once again). The house is still on the market and seemingly no closer to a sale. We got an offer but it was withdrawn a week later. Very gutted.

My trip to Hobart at the end of Feb was fantastic. Although it was only a couple of days I had a great time relaxing for the most part. The walk event I went for, was held on the Saturday evening so I had all day Saturday to chill out. Not that "chill" was the operative word for that day! It was the hottest day in  Hobart for over 100 years and by the time the walk started at 6pm it was still 39 deg.    H. O. T.! I really felt for the walkers - my job was just standing around compared to what they went through. But they kept up their end of the bargain and I only issued one yellow card the entire race. The next trip is to Cairns in June. (Part of the refinancing has enabled this trip to go ahead). I'm taking Rodney with me and we're going to have a whole week there staying with his sister. The comp is only 3 days so I'll actually have a holiday for once. :-)

So. To the latest card. I'm surprisingly happy with this one as I did it in a very short space of time - including the deliberation period. I bought the lace stamp (Kaisercraft) a couple of months ago and wanted to try it out. I also wanted to use the cat - one of my faves from Hero Arts. My neice Rebecca turned 18 yesterday (yep, I'm late!) so this one is for her. Can't believe she's 18 already. But I guess she must be 'cos she's had 17 birthdays to date.

Am going to my first crop in quite a while next week. I will NOT be taking a credit card so that any temptations can be firmly put back on the table. Looking forward to a whole day of crafting and gossiping.

Catch you later.