Tuesday, December 18, 2012

7 More Sleeps to go....

Hi there,

A few more sneak peaks but again I can't give much away until the recipients receive their pressies.
I had an "epiphany" (or whatever) regarding a certain 13 year old nephew and came up with this. The same KaiserCraft Wishing Well. Not too cute for a 13 year old? Manly enough for a good kiwi bloke? I hope so.
I hand-made the tennis racket, bucket (out of balsa wood - and fiddly!!??!!) and fishing rod. There's even a wee hook on the end of the line.
 A lot of texture paste & paper, resin molds and some fab new dies make up this wee embellishment cluster. 

A clan of Fraser kids.

Make It Crafty butterflies and leaves, along with some more resin molds.

Beads to make grapes on a Dusty Attic vine.

Here's to a smooth lead-in to Christmas......wishing you all a fab Dec 25th.


Thursday, December 13, 2012

Christmas crafting in full swing

Hi there,

Yup. I have been flat out making pressies in the last month or so. I can't post all the pics just yet as that might give the game away, but I couldn't wait to post this one. I won't name names, although you can read the recipients name in one of the pics and she loves pink. :-)

This is a Kaiser Craft wooden wishing well. I was eyeing one of these for some time thinking it would make a great pressie. The papers are from Prima (a 2010 range). I used Distress Paint on the side pieces 'cos my original paint job was not that flash. The hard bit was trying to get up under the roof as I'd already assembled it before I decided on the distress paint. :-)

And I have to say I am very very pleased with the final result. So much so that I am about to start on a second one - the challenge being it has to be more "manly". No flowers allowed!

Its a good thing I don't have any athletics commitments this weekend.....


Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Wedding #3 Revisited

Hi again,

Two posts in one week! Don't worry it probably won't happen again (at least not too soon).

As mentioned in my last post, I revisited Mum and Dad's Wedding #4 page. I loved the layout but the colours just didn't gel with the other 3 pages. So I pretty much stuck to the layout plan with a few minor tweaks.

I had just enough of the wider lace left, but I've got to tidy up the ends as some little bits of thread stick out the side.
The orangey version had a pre-cut scalloped paper which was a small challenge to replicate. With a bit of tracing paper and a lot of patience I managed fair attempt and I don't think anyone will be looking too closely to notice that the scallops aren't quite equal in size. :-)

The Make It Crafty swirl and photo corners have been inked with Walnut stain (Distress Ink). I then used Perfect Pearls pearl on the swirl and Platinum Liquid Pearls on the photo corners and the circle of dots is also Platinum LP. I used some leafy diecuts from Make It Crafty (inked with Forest Green distress ink) and Prima flowers and the usual rosebuds round off the embellishments.

So there you have it. Four Generations of Weddings. The final setting still to be decided.

Enjoy the rest of the week.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Wedding #4

Hi there,

So I have completed #4 - yours truly and Rodney - and the series is almost complete.....however I decided that while I loved the #4 of Mum and Dad the colours didn't quite look right for the 4 pages to go alongside each other. So I made a second version using some Kaiser paper from a few years back. I very much like this version as part of the series. I'll have the photos of it in my next post. The first one will find its way into a scrapbook, or maybe I'll give it to Mum and Dad. Not sure yet.

Also to be decided on is how the pages will go on the wall. My original thought was to glue them to a canvas, but I just know they'll attrach dust like bees to a honeypot so I'm thinking of some box thingies - shadow boxes?? - if I can find a way to buy or make without too much expense.

So for wedding #4 I used some gorgeous paper with glittered swirls on it that looks a little like the wallpaper in our bedroom.

It took ages to find the right objects to get the large circles as I wanted them. I have a great circle cutter, but it only goes to about 4 inches radius. One day I will find the perfect cutter of circles. :-)
Instead of using lace from my grandmother's stash, I cut up some of the ever-dimishing store of left-over lace from my wedding dress. It was expensive so I'm glad I'm getting extra mileage out of it!

To complete the layout bits and bobs, there is an oval shaped metal trinket half hiding behind the blue flowers. Its one from my wee (make that huge!) goodie bag from Nic Howard.
Hope you like this one.

Have a great week.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Four Generations - Wedding #3

Hi there,

Wedding #3 is my parents. While I got the bulk of the page done last weekend down at the Oamaru crop, I had to wait until today to get the final piece into the page. I needed to get a current photo of Mum and Dad and when I dropped in last week Mum refused to pose because she was still in her tennis clothes and her hair (she reckoned) was messy! So I made a 'formal' appointment for yesterday and got the pic printed today.

This page is quite different in colouring from the first two - a lighter, brighter feel to it - although I think I still have the heritage look. Mum's bridesmaids wore an apricot-y outfit which I wanted to be represented. I don't normally use the orange portion of the colour-wheel but I am rather happy with the final result.

Mum and Dad were married on 9 February 1957; 55 years and still going strong. :-)

As with Wedding #2, I have used some resin flowers - this time a new poppy mold - but these ones were a rather difficult to paint. Well, not so much paint but to get the right colour. I started out with some pale apricot but it looked too 'new and clean' so I had to make some more and second time around I went for a darker orange. The paint job wasn't as good but once the gold liquid pearls was added to the centres I found they fitted into the distressed, aged look of the page.

The other lighter flowers are made using my new Tim Holtz "Tattered Pinecone" die. By curling it slightly differently it comes up with a rose-like flower. I like it.....I like it a lot! Also in there are some little green flower-like resin pieces.

Other elements on the page: Kaiser "Miss Match" paper collection, Make It Crafty circle swirl and corners, the Martha Stewart punch - this time using the corner punch to highlight the green layer, 3 lots of lace from my old lace stash, and a few paper rose buds.

The circle element of this page is the pre-cut Kaiser paper. There were faint outlines of circles which I have sewn on, and also dotted with liquid pearls. There was an inner circle of darker dots which I have punched through to show the green layer underneath.

So now I move onto Wedding #4 - Rodney and me. I've got the background but am still waiting for some inspiration on the layout. Watch this space!

Have a great week.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Four Generations of Weddings

Hi there!

I now have a title for my family tree project - Four Generations of Weddings - and I have completed 2 of the 4 so far.

Great Grandparents - A H Roberts & G E Dohrmann (or as Mum said "Gertie and Harry"!).
I have already done a few pages on these two (back in 2010) and the only reason I can think why I have focused on them is that she was the only one of all my great grandparents that I met, or at least remember meeting. They were married in 1898 and Gertrude lived into her nineties; I remember a few visits back in the early 1970s to Great-Auntie Alice at Pleasant Point (yes, if you know that song I do - or did - actually have an Auntie Alice!) and Great Grandma sat in the lounge for a wee while. She was very frail by then and I don't remember much else about those visits.

Anyway, my Mum's, Mum's parents made it to 60 (Diamond) years of marriage and there are a number of photos of the entire clan gathered at Prospect Farm near Pleasant Point to celebrate the occasion. The photo in the small frame is from that celebration.

Products used in this layout: Anna Griffin patterned paper (bought this years ago!), Kaiser cardstock, Dusty Attic (the large circle frame and small oval frame), Tim Holtz distress crackle paint and distress inks, Martha Stewart around the page punch (love it!), liquid pearls and miscellaneous flowers. The lace is from a large stash I inherited from my nana (Myrtle in the next page).

Grand Parents: H O Fort & M M Roberts
Unlike Harry & Gertie, unfortunately my maternal grandparents didn't make it much past a Pearl wedding anniversary. Henry died in 1960 while having an operation on his appendix. Myrtle lived for a further 35 years and died a few days after the anniversary of Henry's death. As Mum put it - they died in the same week, just 35 years apart.

She had a few ups and downs in her late eighties and spent the last 6-7 years of her life in a rest home. She wasn't too happy about that to start with - she was a very independent lady! - but I don't think there is a photo anywhere of her without a smile on her face. She loved having visitors.
I have a ton of memories of visiting "Uncle Ken's Nana" as she was first known to me, most times finding her in the garden or crocheting in the lounge in front of the fire. We called her that for years; when my eldest brother was working out who was who, our Uncle Ken was still living with Nana so that's how he distinguished her from Dad's mum. When my younger sister came along she had no idea who Ken was - he married and moved to Aussie when I was about 3 - so she asked "was it Nana around the corner or Nana up the road" because that's where they lived in relation to our house. Boys will be boys and my brothers changed this to round the bend and up the wall. Dad's mum wasn't particularly pleased so she remained Nanna, but Mum's mum loved it and from then on all our birthday and Christmas cards were signed Nana RTB. :-)

Products used in this layout: Kaiser paper, Lucky 8 punch (to create the "doily" background), Dusty Attic (small oval frame and photo corners), Martha Stewart RTP punch, Tim Holtz distress inks, liquid pearls and miscellaneous flowers. Take particular note of the large pink roses - they are ones I've made using the resin & molds that Nic Howard sells. Don't look too close those, cause I used a huge paintbrush (why???) instead of a small one to paint the leaves. Doh! The lace is again from Nana (RTB's) stash.

So that's it for now. My biggest blog post ever - sorry bout that! I'm hoping to make a start on wedding #3 this weekend.

Have a great week!


Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Scrapbooking at last

Hi there,
Yep, at last I have completed some pages rather than cards, cards and more cards. (Having said that I have two birthdays this week that I should be making cards for....they might be a little late.)
Having seen the results of Dianne Hansen's heritage class at Raincliff I decided to get the kit and have a go myself.
I liked the results so much I then did a second page; not all of the products were available so I purposely made it similar, but a bit different. Together tho' I think the pages are fantastic (if I'm allowed to blow my own trumpet).

I've been inspired so much that I've embarked on a small family tree project.
Way back in about 2002 I 'stole' some pics from the family album and put framed wedding photos of my great-grandma, nana, mum and me (four generations of weddings) on the wall of the stairs of our house. Those same 4 pics embellish the stairs here at Wai-iti Road. I have now decided to convert them to scrapbook pages (mounted on canvases). So over the next few weeks (or maybe months...) I'll be working on those pages. The first one is done, although I'm not 100% happy with it yet so you'll just have to wait a little longer to see it. :-)

Anyway, enough from me. Have a great week.


Sunday, July 8, 2012

If Only It Weren't So Cold!

Yes, it's winter that's for sure. It was made worse for me this week as I spent all of the previous week in sunny, warm Cairns. We went from around 27degC on Saturday midday to -4deg in Christchurch on Sunday morning. And it was even worse (or it felt like it) on Monday when I had to go back to work. Oh well. My toes have finally warmed up. :-)

Rodney came with me for the first time in a long time and we had a great week in Cairns/Trinity Beach with his sister Christine, brother-in-law Ian and nephew Tyson.

Monday we went to Port Douglas and the Mossman Gorge. Beautiful both places. Can you imagine swimming in a river in the middle of June? I would have if I'd taken my togs with me. !!
That night I attended Oceania's celebration dinner for 100 years of the IAAF. We sat out on the pool deck to eat dinner. Again, can you imagine doing that in the middle of winter?? I also had the privilege of meeting (and shaking hands with) Sergey Bubka. The greatest ever pole vaulter and now a vice-president of IAAF. It was announced that he was being admitted to the IAAF Hall of Fame. Not an easy thing to achieve.....requirements are to have won at least 2 Olympic or World titles, have held the world record, and to have been retired from active sport for 10 years. Ok so now I'm rambling on a bit (like I did when I shook hands with him!), but he was absolutely dominant in his sport for nearly 20 years.

Tuesday we wandered around the waterfront after I had picked up my uniform (for the Oceania Champs which was the main reason for the holiday). We were lucky to come across some guys (found out later they were Swiss) building fancy sand castles on the beach. Very cool. Rodney and I cooled our feet in the pool at Trinity Beach in the afternoon and generally just lazed the day away.

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday were taken up with the Oceania T&F Champs. In between officiating on throws and walks, I nattered and socialised with my fellow officials and had a fab time catching up with many who I hadn't seen for months.

Saturday we went down to Trinity Beach for brunch, followed by a wee walk in the ocean. Dang - yes I forgot my togs again. :-)

I was on leave for a week before we went away, and I managed just one scrap page. The rest of the week was spent lazing around, doing a little housework and generally taking life easy. Can't wait for my next holiday.....which is this week - Thursday thru Sunday in Hamilton for SENZ. Yay!

Have a great week.

Monday, June 11, 2012


Hi there!
I'm getting a little better - it's only been a month or so since my last post.

The last few months have been busy for a variety of reasons. One being my filling in as secretary for the Timaru Girls' High Board of Trustees. It's now 3 years (or is it 4?) since I officially resigned from the role, and I've filled in on a number of occasions since then but this current stint is now into it's 4th month. I'm enjoying it too. The extra bit of money helps too!

On the craft side of things, I've been experimenting a lot with water colour pencils. I saw an ad on telly that had splodges (is that a word?) of colour with black outline flowery patterns on it. Can't remember what the ad was for but the idea stuck in my head. My first effort has become another of my Christmas card designs for 2012 (soon to be revealed). My second not so convincing so that is on the back burner. I then had "a moment" and discovered a very versatile design which I started with yet another Christmas card, and have now adapted it in a variety of colour-ways for birthday cards.

I'm going to have to buy the leaf punch used in these next cards....yet another Martha Stewart one that I think is very versatile.

This first one is for a neice's birthday coming up soon and gave me an opportunity to try out the new Martha Stewart paper clay and molds. I have the flower/fern set, and the alpha set. The clay is just fantastic - it is so light that its ideal for cards.

The second one is definitely for the girly-girls - I've used a ballerina charm with a couple of wisps of tulle.

The third one is more for the boys but I'm not totally convinced on the bubble thing being "manly" enough. I'll keep you posted on the progress.

I am soooo looking forward to the next couple of weeks. I have two weeks leave, the first to spend at home just chillin' and scrappin' and the second we're off to Cairns for a week. CanNOT wait. Only a few more sleeps to go. There should be a few pics from both weeks. Watch this space!

Have a great week.


Sunday, May 6, 2012

Sunday Night

Hi there,

Yep - it's Sunday night and I'm just fiddling about a bit while Fluffy Bum makes the most of the heater being on. The only times she doesn't curl up on my lap are when I have the laptop going or the heater is on. You'd think having a permanent fur coat would keep you warm enough but there you go.

No new pics to post today, but I have been working on cards today. I've now got almost a whole rainbow of colour versions of the lace stamp card I made a few weeks ago. A very versatile stamp!

Am off to a crop again next Saturday. Might have to think about doing a page soon. Or perhaps some new card designs. Who knows. :-)

Have a great week.


Sunday, April 22, 2012

It's been a while....

Yes, I know. It's been forever since my last post and I promised last time to be more diligent. Oh well.

Life at our house has been crazy for a while......I won't bore you with too many details but the end result is that we have refinanced with ASB and combined our debts (once again). The house is still on the market and seemingly no closer to a sale. We got an offer but it was withdrawn a week later. Very gutted.

My trip to Hobart at the end of Feb was fantastic. Although it was only a couple of days I had a great time relaxing for the most part. The walk event I went for, was held on the Saturday evening so I had all day Saturday to chill out. Not that "chill" was the operative word for that day! It was the hottest day in  Hobart for over 100 years and by the time the walk started at 6pm it was still 39 deg.    H. O. T.! I really felt for the walkers - my job was just standing around compared to what they went through. But they kept up their end of the bargain and I only issued one yellow card the entire race. The next trip is to Cairns in June. (Part of the refinancing has enabled this trip to go ahead). I'm taking Rodney with me and we're going to have a whole week there staying with his sister. The comp is only 3 days so I'll actually have a holiday for once. :-)

So. To the latest card. I'm surprisingly happy with this one as I did it in a very short space of time - including the deliberation period. I bought the lace stamp (Kaisercraft) a couple of months ago and wanted to try it out. I also wanted to use the cat - one of my faves from Hero Arts. My neice Rebecca turned 18 yesterday (yep, I'm late!) so this one is for her. Can't believe she's 18 already. But I guess she must be 'cos she's had 17 birthdays to date.

Am going to my first crop in quite a while next week. I will NOT be taking a credit card so that any temptations can be firmly put back on the table. Looking forward to a whole day of crafting and gossiping.

Catch you later.


Monday, February 13, 2012

Time Flies

Hi there,

I have to say, I've been good with my resolutions so far this year, but remembering to post on my blog is sadly not going so well. Oh dear.
This latest card I actually made last month for Mum's birthday. My creativeness wasn't working so well that week and my original idea - which involved lots of pink and silver circles - didn't pan out. So I returned to a previous design and altered it.
The flower stamp (from Penny Black) has been in my stash for quite a few years and I've used it quite a few times now. Previous cards had the flowers and pots coloured in with watercolour pencils but this time I went for metallic gel pens. I think I'll go back to watercolour pencils. :-|
The Christmas card stash is steadily building up...I have 13 different designs now and still going strong. I won't be short of cards this year!
Not a lot else has been happening in our household of late; still no progress on the sale of the house. Open home on Saturday attracted one very late couple but no bites yet. Getting a little monotonous now. We are keeping quiet as a result and keeping out of mischief.
On a brighter note it's just over a week until I go to Hobart...hopefully the cold that has just developed (sore throat, runny nose variety) will be gone by then.

Until next time,

Saturday, January 14, 2012

NY Resolution Going Strong

Hi there,

Well, my new year's resolution - to go for a walk once a week and to make a page/card each week - is going great.

I've managed the walk a week, and in fact this week I went for a second walk. Unfortunately there's something dodgy going on with my right knee so the walking may not get very far but I'm determined to keep going. Even if its only a 20min walk. :-)

And the card thing is doing great too. Fluffy Bum seems to like me spending time in the craft room - she curls up on the floor or my tote bag while I create. I've actually done more than 1 card a week although some are repeats of the same design.

And I'm enjoying the crafting again too. I think I got a little over-done pre-Christmas....probably having a tight deadline didn't help. Planning ahead seems to be the way to go so long as I don't procrastinate too much!!

Today, I made a birthday card. The first one for quite some time and hopefully not the last. I was on a deadline for this one - it was Dad's birthday yesterday and we were going to visit this afternoon so I had to get it done in a couple of hours. I surprised myself with how quick the creative juices started flowing and while it's quite simple (I think that's going to be my thing this year) I rather like it. I've not got a lot of the bricks left.....came from a SENZ kit.....but hopefully I can get some more down the track so I can make some more.

Anyway, that's about it for now. X Factor is on in a minute (am so totally addicted to these reality/talent things). Hope your year has started as well as mine!