Wednesday, December 14, 2011

I'm hopeless!

It's official - I am hopeless. It's more than a month since my last post and I was really trying to be a bit more frequent than that.
What's more, this is my second attempt to post tonight - the first one just died for some reason. Hopefully this one will work....if you see it then I guess it did.
Here are the last two pages on the Rodney series I did at Raincliff - many months ago now. The last one was not quite finished when Raincliff ended and I'm not sure if it's finished yet. Something is missing I think. Appreciate your thoughts.

I got my first Christmas pressie at the weekend....I've been invited to judge at the Aussie 20km walk champs in Hobart in February - all costs in getting there and staying there will be covered. Am I chuffed!!???!! Gobsmacked is more the expression. Very excited about my first "professional" gig so to speak.
Anyway. It's nearly Christmas and recent history indicates I won't be posting again until the new year. So just in case....Merry Christmas and most happy New Year to you and yours.