Friday, November 4, 2011

Post-Cup news

Hi there,

Ah yes. The world cup (rugby version that is) is over and strangely I'm not suffering withdrawal symptoms from the lack of rugby on the telly. I am mightily relieved that the boys managed to win the one that wee heart was beating very fast in those last minutes of the game and it nearly stopped beating altogether when Rodney trod on the remote and accidentally changed the channel!! It was quickly restored though and the boys came through. Yay! We now have an answer to that song "Where the f8&*&*'s Webb Ellis?" (Sung to the tune of Living Next Door to Alice).

Anyway. I am a bit late in posting the next page in the Rodney series so apologies for that. Have been working on a few other things as well but nothing finished yet so there's just the Blue page to show this time. Maybe after the weekend (major catchup session on MySky awaits along with some scrappin) I'll have some more to show.

There's a mix of Prima pre-made flowers and some home-made ones. Mine didn't turn out quite like flowers - a bit more practice required there - but I am reasonably happy with how they fit in the page. I used Tim Holtz's die for the scrolly bits - one painted white on grudgeboard and two stencilled in blue ink. Dusty Attic chicken wire in there as well.

Hope you like it. Have a great weekend/week.