Sunday, September 25, 2011

Behind the Times

Hi there,
Well, I've finally gotten around to taking photos of the pages I completed at Raincliff - it was a whole month ago! There's been a heck of lot of stuff getting in the way, not the least being my latest project.

I've just finished a photo book for my brother Russell who turns 50 on October 8. It's actually the second book I've done....the first one didn't quite turn out as planned so I started again. There's not a lot of scrapbooking in it, but I've made the whole thing from scratch. I'll post pics of it in a later post as I'm going to make a box for it ('cept I've run out of glue!) so no pics just yet.

There's also this thing called the World Cup (Rodney would say it's not THE world cup) that has been using up my spare moments. I won't quite make all 48 games lives (guess that makes me a cupcake), but I've watched (or listened to) a fair number of them so far. Last night's game against the French was pretty darn good. Pity it wasn't the final! I'm getting quietly confident but I'm not going to say it out loud just yet.

So to the title of this post - behind the times. Yes, it's a whole month since Raincliff but I've finally taken pics of my pages so now I can show them off. Rather than put all 7 pages in one post I'll do a couple at a time....that also gives me a reason to post a little more often for the next week or so. :-)

First up is yet another page of my wee girl Fluffy Bum. This one was using a kit we were given to use for one of the many challenges during the weekend. Am quite pleased with the final result given there was virtually no planning. Lovely papers to scrap with and there's still some in my leftovers to use in the future.

The photo is one taken by Rodney of Fluffy Bum "planking". I think the planking craze has fallen into cyberspace (these things don't seem to last very long). And I think now that the heater is mostly relegated to the cupboard FB won't be doing much more either. At least not this year.

The second page is the first in a series based on Rodney. Do you remember the Colour class I did of Nic Howard's last year? I loved the layouts so much I wanted to do them again using hubby as my subject. This time round I used the same papers (Stampin' Up) and cardstock.

I've used Tim Holtz's Alterations scroll diecut mixed in with the black bling.
I really like the Bazzill dots cardstock. Using inks and other stuff you can create an interesting background without having to use too many papers. This page also uses Tim Holtz's grungeboard. It's a bit smelly to start with but gives some excellent texture to a simple page. It can be painted or inked and I am a fan.

Holiday tomorrow for a lot of people - South Canterbury annivesary - but I'll be working, and so will Rodney. So probably won't stay up for the whole of the Scotland match tonight, but I hope they beat the Pumas. :-)

Catch you later.

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