Monday, August 15, 2011

It's Very Cold!

Snow. Yes, quite a bit of it although not nearly as much as other South Island locations. But enough to satisfy my winter requirement for at least one decent snowfall. It can warm up now. :-)

I've been flat out recently getting 80 wedding invites done for a Wellingtonian. I can't take credit for the design - that belongs to my "client" - but I totally agree with her choice. The flocked paper is Cristina Re and is gorgeous....although it is rather expensive. And more so now that there is no distributor in NZ.

My Carl cutter has taken quite a hit with getting 80 lots of papers and cardstock cut. 5 pieces of metallic paper per invite, all needing to be exact in measurements, particularly the 4 inserts in the pocket. I have to say that the Carl cutter has it hands down over the Making Memories one when going for minute slivers to be sliced from the edge. Downfall of the Carl is the little cutting mat that the rotary blade runs over. Eventually you end up with grooves and then paper gets stuck in it. I need to find some new ones. Advantage of the MM one is that you don't have to replace anything...nothings perfect. :-) There is an A3 version of the Carl at Warehouse Stationery....

So here's some pics of the invites. Sorry 'bout the blurry inside pic, but hopefully you get the idea.

Fluffy Bum has been practicing planking over the last few months. Tonight, she did her best ever while sprawled in front of the heater. Thought you might like a peek.....

That's all for now. Raincliff is on the near horizon so am busy getting my stash ready and at the same time trying to clear the craft room enough to make it look like a bedroom.....probably pushing the proverbial uphill on that one!