Saturday, May 21, 2011

Neck warmer.....or what is it?

Well, I had my sale today and I had a last flurry of finishing off the knitted "thingies" so I could have them on display. I had what you might call an epiphany last night - I had some kilt pins which I decided could be used to "hold" them together. I have to say I think it's worked quite well. I made some dangly things to hang off them with some beads as well to make them a feature of the end product.
So now my dilemma is - what do I call them?? A neck warmer doesn't really sound that flash although that is exactly what it is. Let me know you're thoughts and the best idea gets this one (pictured) as a prize.
With last minute advertising, I didn't get too many customers, but thanks to Bo, her mum and Natasha and friend Jo G, I've made a few dollars. I'll be having another sale soon - just got to determine what date. Watch this space.

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