Monday, February 28, 2011

A little bit of craftiness

The last week has been - to put it mildly - catastrophic for Cantabrians. Like many others I have been glued to the telly and the internet checking on the progress of the search through the mass of rubble. I admit to shedding a few tears and also to a little freaking out last Tuesday. Fortunately for us here in Timaru we only felt the very big shakes and not all the not-so-big ones.
Right now I'm listening/watching John Campbell rip into Ken Ring - the Moon Man - who reckons there'll be another biggie next month. I'm prepared to wait and see. If nothing happens on March 20 then I'll return to being a complete sceptic of this guy.
Anyway, back to less argumentative things.
I've been doing a few crafty things in the last few days, mostly prompted by the cancellation of athletics in Chch (wonder why!). Check out my latest line of beaded "things"; the larger key ring fellas are about 3-4cm, the smaller wine charm guys are about half that. I'm hoping to sell these. What do you reckon? I've a few more designs to try out so watch this space. :-)
Have a great week and take care.

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