Sunday, February 20, 2011

Fluffy Bum has a new collar

Fluffy Bum has a new collar. A very cool pink one with bling on it. Her old one was getting a bit ratty and likely to fall off - which would mean should wouldn't be able to use her cat door - so Rodney bought a new one for her today. Here 'tis.
The irony of it all was, Rodney also cleaned the window of her door today and consequently she was locked out for a while. She wasn't very happy with us when I got home from work! I think she's forgiven me now 'cause she curled up on my lap for a while. :-)
No crafty news this week, and not likely to be for a while as we've now got our house on the market so I have to tidy my craft room. Active crafting and a tidy room do not go hand-in-hand with me. Hopefully we'll sell reasonably quickly so that we can secure the offer we made on another house. Watch this space!
Our (hopefully) new house looks like this....
It has a really nice indoor-outdoor flow with a lovely area for sitting and having a wine. (or two).
Have a great week.


  1. good luck, the new one looks lovely.

  2. Love the collar! Good luck with the house - the new one looks lovely - what area are you hoping to be in?

  3. Looks cute - good luck! Buzz has the same collar in black ;)