Sunday, January 30, 2011

IPCs are over

Yes, am back home and back in the land of email, blogs and internet. I had a wonderful time - if anyone saw any of the highlights on Sky let me know....the only lot I've seen are the ones on this avo from yesterday.
We were busy busy busy. The bus picked us up at 7am each morning and we generally got back to the motel around 8:30/9:00 at night. We did have a few hours break between 1 and 3pm but it was not really enough time to go anywhere so we either blobbed out, chatted or a few of us went for a walk a few times.
The Aussies were very keen to celebrate Australia Day (Wed 26th). That morning we arrived to find the officials room decked out in flags and balloons. There was a gold medal won by an Aussie that day so they got to chant "Aussie Aussie Aussie" very loudly. :-)
The highlight of the day was definitely the cricket match held on the track during the break between sessions. It was Aussie (or Ashes Losers depending on how you looked at it) versus the Rest of the World (basically NZ and UK officials but as most of the Poms weren't that keen we roped in a few Aussies). I and three others decided that we would be cheerleaders....or more accurately "Bag Ladies". We found some plastic bags from the merchandise shop and improvised our pom poms. Our position on the medal podiums was a little on the dangerous side being so close to the action so we moved back on to the grass. Our chant was "Give me an M, Give me a C, give me a C, whatta you got? MCC!". Not that original but it was the team 'name'. I managed to get in some can-can kicks.
During the game we noticed the game showing on the scoreboard screen.....what we didn't realise was that it was being streamed live on the TV in the UK! The guys from the Sky TV team said that it wasn't recorded, but who knows........
Anyway, here is one of the pics from the day.....I am second from the left.
Hope you have a good week. :-)


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