Wednesday, December 14, 2011

I'm hopeless!

It's official - I am hopeless. It's more than a month since my last post and I was really trying to be a bit more frequent than that.
What's more, this is my second attempt to post tonight - the first one just died for some reason. Hopefully this one will work....if you see it then I guess it did.
Here are the last two pages on the Rodney series I did at Raincliff - many months ago now. The last one was not quite finished when Raincliff ended and I'm not sure if it's finished yet. Something is missing I think. Appreciate your thoughts.

I got my first Christmas pressie at the weekend....I've been invited to judge at the Aussie 20km walk champs in Hobart in February - all costs in getting there and staying there will be covered. Am I chuffed!!???!! Gobsmacked is more the expression. Very excited about my first "professional" gig so to speak.
Anyway. It's nearly Christmas and recent history indicates I won't be posting again until the new year. So just in case....Merry Christmas and most happy New Year to you and yours.


Friday, November 4, 2011

Post-Cup news

Hi there,

Ah yes. The world cup (rugby version that is) is over and strangely I'm not suffering withdrawal symptoms from the lack of rugby on the telly. I am mightily relieved that the boys managed to win the one that wee heart was beating very fast in those last minutes of the game and it nearly stopped beating altogether when Rodney trod on the remote and accidentally changed the channel!! It was quickly restored though and the boys came through. Yay! We now have an answer to that song "Where the f8&*&*'s Webb Ellis?" (Sung to the tune of Living Next Door to Alice).

Anyway. I am a bit late in posting the next page in the Rodney series so apologies for that. Have been working on a few other things as well but nothing finished yet so there's just the Blue page to show this time. Maybe after the weekend (major catchup session on MySky awaits along with some scrappin) I'll have some more to show.

There's a mix of Prima pre-made flowers and some home-made ones. Mine didn't turn out quite like flowers - a bit more practice required there - but I am reasonably happy with how they fit in the page. I used Tim Holtz's die for the scrolly bits - one painted white on grudgeboard and two stencilled in blue ink. Dusty Attic chicken wire in there as well.

Hope you like it. Have a great weekend/week.


Saturday, October 15, 2011

Photo Book and Other Stuff

Hi there,

Am sitting in front of the telly with just 4 hours or so until the first semi-final in the world cup. Nervous times although I think tomorrow will be worse! I've already had a wee nana nap.....warm room and headache pills combined to put me to sleep for a wee while. I must have been snoring 'cause Rodney had left when I woke up! Fluffy Bum wanted her tea. :-)

Anyway. Back to things crafty. A few weeks ago I finally got around to painting the Dusty Attic Advent Calendar that I put together at a crop back at the beginning of the year. I had chosen the nativity scene insert so I wanted a non-traditional-festive look. What do you think?
I was particularly pleased with the blue paint I found - Prussian Blue to be precise. I then sprayed my homemade sparkly mist (Pearlex Powder mixed with water) to soften the colour. While that has a gold tinge to it, I coloured the numbers with a silver gel pen. Don't really know why but I like it.
Lastly I painted the nativity scene white and then went round the edges with a gold leafing pen. Note to time do this before putting the scene into the middle. :-)
Don't tell her, but my niece will be getting this for her birthday at the end of November just in time for the countdown to Christmas. Argh - only 2 1/2 months to Christmas!

My brother called in answer to my birthday text and told me off......he really liked the photo book I made but apparently some of the pictures should have been left out! Ha. No can do sir.
He also told me off for spending too much time on pressies. Fat chance of that changing 'cos that's the best bit about making stuff is when it's for other people. Here's a few more pics of the finished piece.
Lastly for this post, here is colour number 3 in the series of pages I did on Rodney at Raincliff.

Go the Welsh! Go the All Blacks!!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Second Colour & Sneak Peak


I've been keeping a close eye on the odd-shaped ball world cup these last few weeks. Things are shaping up nicely for a NZ v Ireland never know. :-)

Continuing from my last post, the second page I completed at Raincliff was the Orange page. Given I had already decided on the papers it was pretty easy to put this one together.
The Webster's Pages fabric flowers were a real find and I was able to use the 'bricks' from the Trina McClune page I did at SENZ for my journalling block. I'm not overly fond of journalling but I gave it a go.
I inked a strip of Tim Holtz's grungeboard and then sewed zigzag down the middle to also complete one of the many challenges we were given for the weekend.

Last in today's post is a quick look at the box and photo book I put together for my brother for his 50th birthday. I didn't think it fair to show it completely before I give it to him, so here's a wee sneaky peak. I'll show more of it next week.

Have a great week.


Sunday, September 25, 2011

Behind the Times

Hi there,
Well, I've finally gotten around to taking photos of the pages I completed at Raincliff - it was a whole month ago! There's been a heck of lot of stuff getting in the way, not the least being my latest project.

I've just finished a photo book for my brother Russell who turns 50 on October 8. It's actually the second book I've done....the first one didn't quite turn out as planned so I started again. There's not a lot of scrapbooking in it, but I've made the whole thing from scratch. I'll post pics of it in a later post as I'm going to make a box for it ('cept I've run out of glue!) so no pics just yet.

There's also this thing called the World Cup (Rodney would say it's not THE world cup) that has been using up my spare moments. I won't quite make all 48 games lives (guess that makes me a cupcake), but I've watched (or listened to) a fair number of them so far. Last night's game against the French was pretty darn good. Pity it wasn't the final! I'm getting quietly confident but I'm not going to say it out loud just yet.

So to the title of this post - behind the times. Yes, it's a whole month since Raincliff but I've finally taken pics of my pages so now I can show them off. Rather than put all 7 pages in one post I'll do a couple at a time....that also gives me a reason to post a little more often for the next week or so. :-)

First up is yet another page of my wee girl Fluffy Bum. This one was using a kit we were given to use for one of the many challenges during the weekend. Am quite pleased with the final result given there was virtually no planning. Lovely papers to scrap with and there's still some in my leftovers to use in the future.

The photo is one taken by Rodney of Fluffy Bum "planking". I think the planking craze has fallen into cyberspace (these things don't seem to last very long). And I think now that the heater is mostly relegated to the cupboard FB won't be doing much more either. At least not this year.

The second page is the first in a series based on Rodney. Do you remember the Colour class I did of Nic Howard's last year? I loved the layouts so much I wanted to do them again using hubby as my subject. This time round I used the same papers (Stampin' Up) and cardstock.

I've used Tim Holtz's Alterations scroll diecut mixed in with the black bling.
I really like the Bazzill dots cardstock. Using inks and other stuff you can create an interesting background without having to use too many papers. This page also uses Tim Holtz's grungeboard. It's a bit smelly to start with but gives some excellent texture to a simple page. It can be painted or inked and I am a fan.

Holiday tomorrow for a lot of people - South Canterbury annivesary - but I'll be working, and so will Rodney. So probably won't stay up for the whole of the Scotland match tonight, but I hope they beat the Pumas. :-)

Catch you later.

Monday, August 15, 2011

It's Very Cold!

Snow. Yes, quite a bit of it although not nearly as much as other South Island locations. But enough to satisfy my winter requirement for at least one decent snowfall. It can warm up now. :-)

I've been flat out recently getting 80 wedding invites done for a Wellingtonian. I can't take credit for the design - that belongs to my "client" - but I totally agree with her choice. The flocked paper is Cristina Re and is gorgeous....although it is rather expensive. And more so now that there is no distributor in NZ.

My Carl cutter has taken quite a hit with getting 80 lots of papers and cardstock cut. 5 pieces of metallic paper per invite, all needing to be exact in measurements, particularly the 4 inserts in the pocket. I have to say that the Carl cutter has it hands down over the Making Memories one when going for minute slivers to be sliced from the edge. Downfall of the Carl is the little cutting mat that the rotary blade runs over. Eventually you end up with grooves and then paper gets stuck in it. I need to find some new ones. Advantage of the MM one is that you don't have to replace anything...nothings perfect. :-) There is an A3 version of the Carl at Warehouse Stationery....

So here's some pics of the invites. Sorry 'bout the blurry inside pic, but hopefully you get the idea.

Fluffy Bum has been practicing planking over the last few months. Tonight, she did her best ever while sprawled in front of the heater. Thought you might like a peek.....

That's all for now. Raincliff is on the near horizon so am busy getting my stash ready and at the same time trying to clear the craft room enough to make it look like a bedroom.....probably pushing the proverbial uphill on that one!


Saturday, July 2, 2011

SENZ 2011 - Fantastic!

Well, SENZ is over for another year and, for me, it was a fabulous experience. Once again, I helped out in some classes as well as spending time on the info desk. We (my Wellington buddies Trina & Liz) spent a bit of time on Thursday evening and early Friday morning helping with setting up and clearing away empty boxes and for our efforts we were most chuffed to receive some free stuff and sneak peek spending.
Friday saw me in two classes - Nic Howard's Decadent Details and Trina McClune's Texture Throughout.
Nic's class was fairly full on with lots of layering of papers for the layout and for the title block and I loved it. Small boo-boo photo was 6x4 instead of 7x5 so I added an extra paper layer to fill the space. I also stuffed up the title a bit - mine being too long - but I tidied it up yesterday ready for the 'photo shoot'. :-) Lots of freebie goodies in the class - thanks heaps to Webster's Pages, Scrapware, Prima and 4everjoy and of course Nic Howard. My effort......

A quick snack and change of room and it was off to Trina McClune's Textured Throughout class. Less layering in this class, however we did some fancy cutting out of various images from the gorgeous papers. Once again Fluffy Bum stars in the photos (do you see a theme here....) with her efforts at the latest craze of planking. Well, at least we reckon she is. Also some freebie goodies in our packs bits and bobs from pinkpaislee, Dusty Attic and Prima. Thanks Trina!

I assisted Jill Geraghty-Groves for 3 classes on Saturday; Vintage Distressed (twice) and Teeny Tiny Book. I was pretty darn tired by the end of the day (how do the tutors do it!!) but I had lots of fun chatting to everyone. I got to keep a kit from each class and I've completed the Vintage Distressed layout so far. It is soooo much fun - inking, spritzing (with water), scrunching and crumpling. If you don't like getting your hands dirty then don't try this technique!

My photography skills aren't quite up to showcasing this layout but I'm certainly going to have a go at more of this technique. Muslin and pattered tissue, distress inks and water. 'S'all you need!
I caught a glimpse of another of Jill's classes - Mixed Media Canvas - hopefully she'll have another one next year 'cause it looked gorgeous.
Word is that SENZ will be back in Auckland next year so I'm starting to save my pennies now. :-) Just like last year I've been inspired to get into the scrapping again so watch this space.....
I'm also going to have another shop sale this month; once again beads and jewellery will be half price. I've found a few more scrapbook bits, and there's also some new mini-scarves added to the collection. If you're in town on July 23rd I hope to see you!

In the meantime, keep safe and warm.


Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Scrapping & Stuff

I had a lot of fun on Saturday scrapping with the girls. It's been a while since I did much in the way of scrapbooking. Well, strictly speaking I didn't scrap; I crafted.....made a wee notebook using the bookbinding technique. I kept to the day's theme of Breast Cancer Awareness and I used some lovely bright pink papers. Sorry no pic, yet.
I also raised some money for the NZ Breast Cancer Foundation raffling a necklace I made last weekend. I'm very pleased to say that $60 has found it's way into the BCF's books. Thanks to those ladies who helped by buying a ticket.
I am having another sale in the shop in a few weeks. Saturday 18th June 9am-3pm. If you can drop by that would be fantastic. All beads, findings and jewellery will again be at 50% the labelled price. I will also have my new range of scarf thingies on show. I'll be throwing in a few scrapbooking items as well so feel free to check out the "bargain bin"!
Hope your week is going well.


Saturday, May 21, 2011

Neck warmer.....or what is it?

Well, I had my sale today and I had a last flurry of finishing off the knitted "thingies" so I could have them on display. I had what you might call an epiphany last night - I had some kilt pins which I decided could be used to "hold" them together. I have to say I think it's worked quite well. I made some dangly things to hang off them with some beads as well to make them a feature of the end product.
So now my dilemma is - what do I call them?? A neck warmer doesn't really sound that flash although that is exactly what it is. Let me know you're thoughts and the best idea gets this one (pictured) as a prize.
With last minute advertising, I didn't get too many customers, but thanks to Bo, her mum and Natasha and friend Jo G, I've made a few dollars. I'll be having another sale soon - just got to determine what date. Watch this space.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Sale Confirmed!

Better late than never - yes the sale is on. Tomorrow 21 May. All beads and jewellery and a few bits and pieces from my scrapbook cupboard.
Officially 9am-3pm but feel free to pop in anytime.

Have a great weekend.


Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Long Time No See

Yes, I'm sorry it's been rather a long time since I last posted, and I'm afraid it's quite likely that it'll be a bit longer yet before I gear up to regular posts.
Things have been topsy-turvy lately with our house on the market. It's been over 2 months now that we've been on the market but not even a sniff yet. We did have an offer on a lovely house - smaller! - in Le Cren St, but as of last week we lost that one to another (cash) offer. We'll go looking again soon but will wait until something happens here. Fingers are very tightly crossed that it's not long!
As a result of having to keep our house tidy for potential buyers, I've put most of my craft stuff away and dare not get too much out otherwise I'll build another mess. I have been doing a bit of knitting; I don't have a name for what they are's like a collar, but more like a scarf. I'm using up bits and bobs I collected during my weaving phase. Lots of fancy bits. Once I get them finished off and some photos I'll post them here. They will be for sale so watch this space!
Speaking of sales......I'm planning on a sale of my beads and jewellery. I'm hoping to avoid advertising in the paper to keep costs down, so please please please spread the word! It'll either be 21 May or 28 May but if you're lookin' for some beads, feel free to pop in - everything is half price from now on. I'm working full time at BP at the moment, while the boss is away on leave (4 weeks or so) so weekends will be the best time to drop in.
Catch you again soon.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Sydney was hot Hot HOT!

Well, I'm back home after spending the last 5 days in Sydney. It was very hot. Even the Aussies, particularly those from hotter areas of that fair continent, were commenting on the heat.  I managed to pick up a cold - I blame it on my work mate - so was not feeling overly active but I had a great time.
I got to Sydney early morning on Thursday, checked in to my hotel and had a wee rest reading my book before heading out for some exercise. I walked around the main ANZ Stadium along Olympic Boulevard then around past the athletic centre and swimming complex. It was very pleasant even though quite warm. Took me an hour - not that I was trying to break any records. :-)
I was in Sydney to officiate at the Australian Junior Track & Field champs - all events for U14s through to U20s. I went to this event last year and thoroughly enjoyed the experience so when the call came out that they were short on officials for this year's event I decided to break the bank completely and go again. The really good thing is that you can fly from Chch to Sydney pretty darn cheaply these days, and with our accommodation paid for, it was very worth it. Hopefully I will be able to go again next year (and the next year and the next). I've now travelled to Aussie 8 times since August 2009; quite a few flying miles!
Sorry, I did forget to take my camera so no pickies to share this week. :-(
Have a great week.....fingers tightly crossed there are no disasters anywhere in the world this week. We've had enough!

Monday, February 28, 2011

A little bit of craftiness

The last week has been - to put it mildly - catastrophic for Cantabrians. Like many others I have been glued to the telly and the internet checking on the progress of the search through the mass of rubble. I admit to shedding a few tears and also to a little freaking out last Tuesday. Fortunately for us here in Timaru we only felt the very big shakes and not all the not-so-big ones.
Right now I'm listening/watching John Campbell rip into Ken Ring - the Moon Man - who reckons there'll be another biggie next month. I'm prepared to wait and see. If nothing happens on March 20 then I'll return to being a complete sceptic of this guy.
Anyway, back to less argumentative things.
I've been doing a few crafty things in the last few days, mostly prompted by the cancellation of athletics in Chch (wonder why!). Check out my latest line of beaded "things"; the larger key ring fellas are about 3-4cm, the smaller wine charm guys are about half that. I'm hoping to sell these. What do you reckon? I've a few more designs to try out so watch this space. :-)
Have a great week and take care.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Fluffy Bum has a new collar

Fluffy Bum has a new collar. A very cool pink one with bling on it. Her old one was getting a bit ratty and likely to fall off - which would mean should wouldn't be able to use her cat door - so Rodney bought a new one for her today. Here 'tis.
The irony of it all was, Rodney also cleaned the window of her door today and consequently she was locked out for a while. She wasn't very happy with us when I got home from work! I think she's forgiven me now 'cause she curled up on my lap for a while. :-)
No crafty news this week, and not likely to be for a while as we've now got our house on the market so I have to tidy my craft room. Active crafting and a tidy room do not go hand-in-hand with me. Hopefully we'll sell reasonably quickly so that we can secure the offer we made on another house. Watch this space!
Our (hopefully) new house looks like this....
It has a really nice indoor-outdoor flow with a lovely area for sitting and having a wine. (or two).
Have a great week.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Playing Around with Beads

I discovered at the IPC champs that there's a lot of pin swapping that goes on. Amongst the athletes and also to a smaller extent amongst the officials. I didn't have anything to swap! But I did manage to get a gorgeous wee beaded South Africa flag.
It got me thinking. I love playing with beads and I could make my own wee 'thingies' to give to the officials that I meet on my travels overseas.
It wasn't as easy to find patterns though. And due to the amount of detail on the NZ flag, what I've come up with is a little too big as a pin. Ok for a key ring attachment perhaps.
So I then thought maybe the silver fern would work. I think it does. What do you think?
I have a month until my next trip away so I'm going to be busy busy busy making these things. :-)


Sunday, January 30, 2011

IPCs are over

Yes, am back home and back in the land of email, blogs and internet. I had a wonderful time - if anyone saw any of the highlights on Sky let me know....the only lot I've seen are the ones on this avo from yesterday.
We were busy busy busy. The bus picked us up at 7am each morning and we generally got back to the motel around 8:30/9:00 at night. We did have a few hours break between 1 and 3pm but it was not really enough time to go anywhere so we either blobbed out, chatted or a few of us went for a walk a few times.
The Aussies were very keen to celebrate Australia Day (Wed 26th). That morning we arrived to find the officials room decked out in flags and balloons. There was a gold medal won by an Aussie that day so they got to chant "Aussie Aussie Aussie" very loudly. :-)
The highlight of the day was definitely the cricket match held on the track during the break between sessions. It was Aussie (or Ashes Losers depending on how you looked at it) versus the Rest of the World (basically NZ and UK officials but as most of the Poms weren't that keen we roped in a few Aussies). I and three others decided that we would be cheerleaders....or more accurately "Bag Ladies". We found some plastic bags from the merchandise shop and improvised our pom poms. Our position on the medal podiums was a little on the dangerous side being so close to the action so we moved back on to the grass. Our chant was "Give me an M, Give me a C, give me a C, whatta you got? MCC!". Not that original but it was the team 'name'. I managed to get in some can-can kicks.
During the game we noticed the game showing on the scoreboard screen.....what we didn't realise was that it was being streamed live on the TV in the UK! The guys from the Sky TV team said that it wasn't recorded, but who knows........
Anyway, here is one of the pics from the day.....I am second from the left.
Hope you have a good week. :-)


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

One more sleep....

Yes, just one more sleep until I disappear to Christchurch for the World IPC champs. I've been looking forward to this event since March 2008 when I first found out it was on. Can't wait to get there. I'm sure the time will fly by and I'll be back here before I know it. I'm going cold turkey on the net access facebook or email for 11 days. Will I be able to cope?????

Anyway, have manged to get a photo of the card I've made for my auntie who turns 80 tomorrow (she share the date with my mum who will be 75). She's having a big party and she deserves it too. I hope she likes my card. :-)
That's her at age (approx) 3 when she was flower girl for my great-aunt Min (Grandad's sister). The colouring of the photo is terrible - the back ground colour is mauve as is most of the embellishing (variations of mauve) and the frame is white. Maybe I'll try another photo. Gorgeous Dusty Attic frame which I painted mauve/lilac and dabbed some liquid pearls on. Prima violets tied in a bunch with a bit of tulle and beading.