Friday, December 3, 2010

What a busy week

It's been a very busy wee for yours truly, on top of my BP job I started at Noel Leemings so now my hours are back to the equivalent of a full-time job but with starting early at BP and finishing late at NLs and not much time in between I've had little time to scrapbook let alone anything else! :-) It's all good though, I think.
Week 5 in the colour class was purple and all along I knew I was going to make it "P is for Princess" - can you see Fluffy Bum's tiara???
I found some interesting purple things to use in the layout including purple skeleton leaves that I got in a wee pack at SENZ a few years ago. Haven't used any other stuff from it yet but there are some promising items. I felt the main floraly piece of paper needed softening so I got some mesh tape (from Mitre 10 of all places) I had in my stash and stuck that down on top before adding the embellishments. It made the paper a little less busy I think and I like the resulting look. The wee heart in the right corner has some mauve bling added to it to keep the purple thing going.
One more class to go - black, white and neutrals. Hopefully I can get it done on Monday otherwise I may not get back to it before Christmas! I'm probably not that busy, but after sooo long with not a lot of work on my plate it feels like it. Still, it's all money to go in the bank and there's nothing wrong with that!
Have a great week/weekend.


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