Sunday, December 5, 2010

Last from the colour class

Well, with the 25th fast approaching and my scrapping hours drastically reduced I have managed to finish the last page of the online class in record quick time.
I really wanted a few more white/cream flowers on the page, but I didn't have any of the size I wanted and I couldn't buy any 'cos that would have broken the cardinal rule of the class. If I was keeping true to my rule of "A is for....", "B is for....", etc then this one should have been "N is for..." with the feature colour being neutrals. However I decided that as it was the last one then "FB is for...." would be just fine. Working out how to do the y in Fluffy was tricky....I had no "y's" left of the alphabet set - either cream or black. It is actually a "u" with the tail of a "5" below it. I didn't quite get the join right so I've covered it with a little 'bow' of black ric-rac. Ooops - have I given away a trade secret ????
The background is the packaging from a parcel that arrived in the mail this week (that's another story). Nic H's sample page used Kraft cardstock, but I didn't have any. And this was the right thickness so I thought why not. Besides, one of the extra challenges from an earlier week (which I didn't quite get to) was to use something recycled so I've incorporated it into this week's page.
I thought about a bit of colour, and came up with the plan to have leaves made from the various rainbow colours. They didn't really fit into the layout so I used my fave Martha Stewart twig punch and spread them around the large flower in the bottom corner.
I am now hoping to get some Christmas tags made to go with some pressies - I have just 20 days left...... Fingers crossed!
Catch you again soon.


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