Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Mid-Season update

Well, I've survived Christmas Day's sunburn. It's stopped hurting now and starting to itch. I know I know, sunscreen! But I was just so enjoying sitting in the sun (which was warm but not too much) and relaxing with family. What a beautiful day. Pity I couldn't stay awake in the car on the way home....Rodney had to put up with my snoring. :-)
Then it was back to work at Noels on Boxing Day - phew. 11 and a bit hours later..... Then back to BP on Monday. Today was my afternoon off (apart from Christmas day) in quite some time. Such bliss! No crafting post-Christmas as I'm trying to get it all back into the craft room first. But I did put two plants in the garden some that was a sort of creating. I had to decide where they were to go!
Chillin' out in front of the telly with FB and Rodney now.
I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and all the best for the start of 2011.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Here they are as promised

My version(s) of Tim Holtz' 2010 12 Tags of Christmas. Check out the real ones on his blog.

The pics aren't the best, especially on #3 but they do show the detail of the tags. I've managed to get 4 done and hopefully sometime during January I'll have a go at the remaining 8. And I haven't checked out his ones from previous years yet. Based on this year's I can't wait to go for a good look. :-)

My reindeer is brighter but I think I made a good copy of it by tracing from the photo on his blog. (Am I allowed to do that??). My wreath is made of 3 strands of twisted wire wound round with a plait of green thin strips of cardstock. The bow is also from cardstock. The neat technique I learned here was inking the embossing folder and then putting it through the Big Shot (or Cuttlebug). You get quite a different look just by inking the 'positive' side or the 'negative' side of the folder. Very cool technique which Tim H calls a 'texture fade'. I must use this again in my scrapping. The trees, reindeer and title tag are made from grungepaper.

I'm gonna have another go at this one sometime. My petals weren't quite right and didn't want to scrumple quite the way I wanted to but I went with it this time. The grungepaper was covered in a canvas-type paper for inkjet printers. I think it may have made the petals just a bit too thick. I should look for some other stickyback canvas. Does it look like a poinsettia?? I used the texture fade technique again. Love it.

Again, I made a tracing from the photo. The main body part was easy, but the the arms??!!! Oh well, they turned out ok. The flash hides most of the acetate that covers the whole tag. That's what the brads are holding down. It was embossed with snowflakes. I added the snowflake thingies to the snowman 'cos he looked a little bare.

This one is my fave. To get my 'snow' look on the house, I used Dimensional Magic, then some Flower Soft followed by Stickles. Once dried it looked quite good - a more 'weathered' look to the snow! The house, fence and title tag are grungepaper again. It is a bit smelly but great stuff.

I had to make a lot of substitutions for the products used. I tried not to buy anything extra...although the little tree and star charms were bought 'specially for these as I didn't have anything else suitable. But I'm happy with the results and I just love the 3D detail of these tags. I hope you do to!

Have a very Merry Christmas and I'll catch you again very soon.


Saturday, December 18, 2010

It's been a while....

I have finished a very long day of work on my feet. 6 hours at one job, then another 4 at the other. I must be mad to say yes to extra work on a Saturday!

I so look forward to tomorrow and sitting down at my table and finishing off everything I need to finish for Christmas. I have been squeezing in some crafty stuff over the past few weeks and I promise to post the pics of my Tim Holtz tags in the next day or two. I went to take photos the other day and the camera batteries were dead. Typical.

Anyway, I just wanted to drop a line or two so you wouldn't think I've been slack. :-) Since finishing Nic H's class I've been working the two jobs so not nearly so much time at the craft table. But it'll change again after New Year. I did take some time out last weekend to nip over to Melbourne to be on the judging team for the Aussie 50km race walk champs. Had a great (if fleeting) time and spent heaps in duty free but don't tell Rodney yet.....he has to wait until Christmas day. :-)

Catch you soon.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Last from the colour class

Well, with the 25th fast approaching and my scrapping hours drastically reduced I have managed to finish the last page of the online class in record quick time.
I really wanted a few more white/cream flowers on the page, but I didn't have any of the size I wanted and I couldn't buy any 'cos that would have broken the cardinal rule of the class. If I was keeping true to my rule of "A is for....", "B is for....", etc then this one should have been "N is for..." with the feature colour being neutrals. However I decided that as it was the last one then "FB is for...." would be just fine. Working out how to do the y in Fluffy was tricky....I had no "y's" left of the alphabet set - either cream or black. It is actually a "u" with the tail of a "5" below it. I didn't quite get the join right so I've covered it with a little 'bow' of black ric-rac. Ooops - have I given away a trade secret ????
The background is the packaging from a parcel that arrived in the mail this week (that's another story). Nic H's sample page used Kraft cardstock, but I didn't have any. And this was the right thickness so I thought why not. Besides, one of the extra challenges from an earlier week (which I didn't quite get to) was to use something recycled so I've incorporated it into this week's page.
I thought about a bit of colour, and came up with the plan to have leaves made from the various rainbow colours. They didn't really fit into the layout so I used my fave Martha Stewart twig punch and spread them around the large flower in the bottom corner.
I am now hoping to get some Christmas tags made to go with some pressies - I have just 20 days left...... Fingers crossed!
Catch you again soon.


Friday, December 3, 2010

What a busy week

It's been a very busy wee for yours truly, on top of my BP job I started at Noel Leemings so now my hours are back to the equivalent of a full-time job but with starting early at BP and finishing late at NLs and not much time in between I've had little time to scrapbook let alone anything else! :-) It's all good though, I think.
Week 5 in the colour class was purple and all along I knew I was going to make it "P is for Princess" - can you see Fluffy Bum's tiara???
I found some interesting purple things to use in the layout including purple skeleton leaves that I got in a wee pack at SENZ a few years ago. Haven't used any other stuff from it yet but there are some promising items. I felt the main floraly piece of paper needed softening so I got some mesh tape (from Mitre 10 of all places) I had in my stash and stuck that down on top before adding the embellishments. It made the paper a little less busy I think and I like the resulting look. The wee heart in the right corner has some mauve bling added to it to keep the purple thing going.
One more class to go - black, white and neutrals. Hopefully I can get it done on Monday otherwise I may not get back to it before Christmas! I'm probably not that busy, but after sooo long with not a lot of work on my plate it feels like it. Still, it's all money to go in the bank and there's nothing wrong with that!
Have a great week/weekend.