Sunday, November 7, 2010

Orange - for a change

Week 2 of Nic Howard's class and the colour to use is orange and yellow. I may have made a card with some orange in it before, and perhaps also some yellow but I've not used this much, or made it the focus of a page, before. Oh wait, the page I did of my neice - autumn colours - there was orange in that. But the photo kind of made it necessary to use those colours.
And, I don't think any of my pages have had this much journalling on them. The subject wasn't too difficult though and the words just flowed.
I like the end result of this page. The silver strip in the middle is a Making Memories one; it's embossed and has a sticky back so it was easy to use. Why have I not used it before???? It's been in my stash for years - 5 or 6 at least - and I don't think they even make them anymore.
One of the 'rules' (not strict though) of the class is to use stuff in our stash but I'm running out of the chipboard letters and they are just perfect for these pages. Does it count if I buy new letters? Of course, I may not be able to get them so perhaps I'll have to get my Robo out and make some. :-)
The scattering of seed beads is supposed to look like Fluffy Bum has split them across the page. Hopefully I've achieved that look. The one and only orange tombow pen I have came out quite fluoro so I dulled it down with a bit of black ink.
Hope you like it.


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