Monday, November 8, 2010

I've been busy

Yep, this is my third page in almost as many days. I was right into the swing of it at the weekend - perhaps it was the long day at the track on Saturday.
I think I mentioned in an earlier post that I had a pic of these two - my great grandparents via my mum's dad. This is William James Fort and Fanny Louisa Jones on their wedding day in 1895. (I must find out the exact dates of these events, not just the year).
Note the more rustic chair in this pic.....just bare branches. Quite a different style of dress on Fanny too. The photo isn't clear enough to see her veil, but again it's quite different from the one Gertrude has. Only 4 years difference between the two weddings yet a completely different style. And I just love the hand on the hip! Mum reckons it's because of how long they had to stand still waiting for the photo to be taken but I like to think it's more about her personality. A common factor between this photo and the other set of great grandies, is the fact that he is sitting and she is standing. Perhaps it's to show off the dress more? I think this was a trend of the times but what was the reason for it? Too early for the suffragette movement!
So that's my mum's grandparents taken care of. I am not aware of any photos in existence for Dad's side of the family so I may not get a complete set. It seems that although Dad's grandfather (and his father before that) were sexton's of the Timaru cemetery during their working years, the family as a whole has moved away from Timaru and I suspect any pics are with other branches of the family. Mum's grandparents settled in Pleasant Point after a fair bit of tripping around and stayed there. All their children stayed in the area for many years too. I shall have to do some digging into the family tree again.
As for this layout. Well, I saw a page use this format while at SENZ this year and did a quick sketch of it. I'm not 100% happy with the flowers....they don't seem to have made the right shape but overall I like the look of the page. The paper (what there is of it) is My Mind's Eye. It's pre-glittered so I didn't put any other bling on the page. Well, I don't call pearl beads bling. The pearls are hand sewn through the holes of the Fiskars border punch. The background card is Bazzill embossed. I love it but that was my last sheet.
Anyway. Enough burble from me. As always, hope you like the page. Let me know what you think.
Have a great week.

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