Sunday, November 14, 2010

Green, Green, Green

Well, when I love green, and have lots of papers with green in them you'd think that building a page based on green would be easy. Ha! Not at all. That was this week's colour in Nic H's class. To start with I couldn't decide on which papers to use. Then I really struggled with embellishing it but I stuck to my guns in that I chose to use the embellishments from the pack that the papers came in and finally it's finished and I must say it has grown on me considerably.
This range of papers is Basic Grey "Boxer" which I bought about 2 years ago as a collection pack. The pack was unopened until I started this page. :-) The letters are just the right size although there is not as much "3Dness" to them so I stuck them to cardstock and trimmed around them then inked. They still didn't stand out from the page much so I added KindyGlitz as well.

Blue will be next; hopefully I don't have as much trouble as I did with green.
We're off to a Christmas 'do' tonight - Rodney's work mates. Will be lots of fun.....hopefully I can get up in time for work tomorrow!



  1. gosh I like it and man I just love the Boxer papers

  2. Tania here! I think this is my favourite one. I thought about doing this Nic H class but as per usual never got around to it so its great to see some results. The colour theme pages would make for a nice relaxing album to look at, compared to the usual riot of things going on that I do. Keep up the good work Kathryn. Go Green!