Thursday, November 25, 2010

Not a good week for some

I'm sitting watching the Campbell Live and seeing some rather sad stuff. I can't believe the amount of baking these people in Chch have gathered to send to the Coasters. They said "baked with a pinch of hope" but now its just grief.
And then also there's been the second fire at Girls' High - my old stamping ground - and I saw the devastation there last night. The school - apart from the burnt building - is looking superb after some obviously great efforts by the grounds staff. But some dickheads thought it "funny" to set fire to a classroom. The same one as a few weeks ago and I guess they finished the job off this time. What makes some people tick????
Oh well. On to happier things perhaps. I start my second job on Monday - part-time temp at Noel Leemings - and I'm going to be a busy girl over the next 5 weeks. But its all good 'cos it's money! What it means for my friends and family tho is that there will be no handmade Xmas cards this year - there is simply not the time left!! Sorry in advance.
I finally got my "blue" layout done for the Colour class I'm doing. The cluster had me scratching my head for a while but I'm happy with the end result. I did cheat a little on the class rule of using current stash.....the peach roses were bought after the class started, but in my defence I bought them for another project and they were the left overs. :-)
Coming up with some "B" words for my wee girl was a bit tricky. "Beauty" or "Beautiful" was a given, but the second word? There had to be two 'cos the layout required two. Hmmm. Rodney didn't seem so taken with the "Beloved". Any ideas out there? It's not too late to change it!
Here's looking to the weekend and some brighter news from around and about.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Christmas is Coming! (the goose is getting fat)

Couldn't resist that title.....the goose bit I remember from waaaaaay back many years ago on an episode of the Muppets when Miss Piggy sang a song which had the line "Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat". I cannot for the life of me remember anything else from the song, not even the rest of the tune but that line has stuck.
Anyway, I digress. Christmas certainly is coming and I have completed pressie number 1. It's a scrap page, but oh so more than a page. It's attached to a canvas - a fairly slim one, not the usual thick ones - and I shall probably have to go out and find a nice stand for it.
This pressie is for my Mum and Dad (don't tell them!) and is in celebration of them having lived at 3 Kauri Street for 50 years. The actual anniversary was November 3 (also my Nana RTB's birthday) and the weather was fortunately on its best behaviour for me to take the pics. I had some new Prima papers lying around and Mum had seen this one and thought it quite pretty so hopefully she likes the 'little' extra embellishment.
Her garden at this time of year through to Jan/Feb is a mass of colour of all different descriptions. So I tried for a very colourful page although the predominant colour is the pinky-orangey roses. There is a mix of flowers both bought and handmade; the handmade ones using more Prima papers (they're from the Annalee range). I don't think you can see it, but there is a gold rub-on of music in the bottom right and top left corners. The corners have also been embellished with bits from a Dusty Attic frame which were painted pale pink and then Kindy Glitzed. The little scrolls of paper have been tied with left-over flower wire and little charms attached - a flower, a key and a heart with "made with love" on it.
So that's pressie number one done. Rodney's mum is getting a wee box which is almost finished. Not sure what else will be made this year as time is running out!
Have a great week.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Green, Green, Green

Well, when I love green, and have lots of papers with green in them you'd think that building a page based on green would be easy. Ha! Not at all. That was this week's colour in Nic H's class. To start with I couldn't decide on which papers to use. Then I really struggled with embellishing it but I stuck to my guns in that I chose to use the embellishments from the pack that the papers came in and finally it's finished and I must say it has grown on me considerably.
This range of papers is Basic Grey "Boxer" which I bought about 2 years ago as a collection pack. The pack was unopened until I started this page. :-) The letters are just the right size although there is not as much "3Dness" to them so I stuck them to cardstock and trimmed around them then inked. They still didn't stand out from the page much so I added KindyGlitz as well.

Blue will be next; hopefully I don't have as much trouble as I did with green.
We're off to a Christmas 'do' tonight - Rodney's work mates. Will be lots of fun.....hopefully I can get up in time for work tomorrow!


Thursday, November 11, 2010

Daffodil day

At the last minute, I decided to have a go at the Yellow version of week 2 in the class I'm doing. I saw my All Blacks jester hat sitting in my craft room with the Cancer Society daffodil still attached. I thought - perfect to complete a yellow page.
The hard bit was coming up with a word beginning with Y. Not that the word thing is part of the class; I've decided that my own wee mini challenge within the class is to use the same picture of Fluffy Bum in each layout, and the title based on the letter of the colour. (Week 1 Red - hence R is for Resting, Week 2 Orange - O is for Our wee girl). I thought of "You" but wasn't sure how I was going to journal it, then Rodney came up with "Yes" and the journalling came bubbling out!
Not sure if you can see the journalling in the pics so here it is:
Yes! I will get you some bikkies soon.
Yes! You can curl up on my lap.
Yes! I will get you some bikkies soon.
Yes! You can sleep on my feet at night.
Yes! I will give you a "scritch" around the ears, and cheeks and chin.
Yes! I will get you some bikkies soon.
Yes! I will get you some bikkies if you stop putting your claws into me.
Yes! You can have some bikkies.
Nothing more to be said really! :-)


Monday, November 8, 2010

I've been busy

Yep, this is my third page in almost as many days. I was right into the swing of it at the weekend - perhaps it was the long day at the track on Saturday.
I think I mentioned in an earlier post that I had a pic of these two - my great grandparents via my mum's dad. This is William James Fort and Fanny Louisa Jones on their wedding day in 1895. (I must find out the exact dates of these events, not just the year).
Note the more rustic chair in this pic.....just bare branches. Quite a different style of dress on Fanny too. The photo isn't clear enough to see her veil, but again it's quite different from the one Gertrude has. Only 4 years difference between the two weddings yet a completely different style. And I just love the hand on the hip! Mum reckons it's because of how long they had to stand still waiting for the photo to be taken but I like to think it's more about her personality. A common factor between this photo and the other set of great grandies, is the fact that he is sitting and she is standing. Perhaps it's to show off the dress more? I think this was a trend of the times but what was the reason for it? Too early for the suffragette movement!
So that's my mum's grandparents taken care of. I am not aware of any photos in existence for Dad's side of the family so I may not get a complete set. It seems that although Dad's grandfather (and his father before that) were sexton's of the Timaru cemetery during their working years, the family as a whole has moved away from Timaru and I suspect any pics are with other branches of the family. Mum's grandparents settled in Pleasant Point after a fair bit of tripping around and stayed there. All their children stayed in the area for many years too. I shall have to do some digging into the family tree again.
As for this layout. Well, I saw a page use this format while at SENZ this year and did a quick sketch of it. I'm not 100% happy with the flowers....they don't seem to have made the right shape but overall I like the look of the page. The paper (what there is of it) is My Mind's Eye. It's pre-glittered so I didn't put any other bling on the page. Well, I don't call pearl beads bling. The pearls are hand sewn through the holes of the Fiskars border punch. The background card is Bazzill embossed. I love it but that was my last sheet.
Anyway. Enough burble from me. As always, hope you like the page. Let me know what you think.
Have a great week.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Orange - for a change

Week 2 of Nic Howard's class and the colour to use is orange and yellow. I may have made a card with some orange in it before, and perhaps also some yellow but I've not used this much, or made it the focus of a page, before. Oh wait, the page I did of my neice - autumn colours - there was orange in that. But the photo kind of made it necessary to use those colours.
And, I don't think any of my pages have had this much journalling on them. The subject wasn't too difficult though and the words just flowed.
I like the end result of this page. The silver strip in the middle is a Making Memories one; it's embossed and has a sticky back so it was easy to use. Why have I not used it before???? It's been in my stash for years - 5 or 6 at least - and I don't think they even make them anymore.
One of the 'rules' (not strict though) of the class is to use stuff in our stash but I'm running out of the chipboard letters and they are just perfect for these pages. Does it count if I buy new letters? Of course, I may not be able to get them so perhaps I'll have to get my Robo out and make some. :-)
The scattering of seed beads is supposed to look like Fluffy Bum has split them across the page. Hopefully I've achieved that look. The one and only orange tombow pen I have came out quite fluoro so I dulled it down with a bit of black ink.
Hope you like it.


Friday, November 5, 2010

Friday Scrapping

It's rather cold and wet outside - great for scrapbooking!

Here is my latest creation for the family tree series. This is Harry & Gertrude's official wedding photo. The original photo has writing on the back (I think written by the photographer) describing what Great Grandma Roberts is wearing. Quite a contrast in style to what Great Grandma Fort is wearing in 1895. I shall be scrapping that one in the near future.

I used another Trina McClune sketch for this page. With the paper I used here (Basic Grey "Scarlett's Letter" range) and the size of the circle in relation to the pic didn't look right without something around the square border. So I experimented with a large corner stamp. I stamped in each corner using Antique Linen from the Distress Inks range, and then stamped (hopefully here is a link to Trina's blog where I got the sketch from.....).
Not sure I like my handwriting; I wanted to put a date on the page with their names but I'm thinking I should have left it out. On the other hand, I like the flowers. To get the right shade of red I Glimmer Misted pink cardstock flowers rather than white with "Brick".

Off now to see what the layout is for week 2 of the online class I'm taking. It's all about colour and this week it's orange and yellow. I think it's going to be a bit tricky!
Have a great weekend.


Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Blast from the past & Nic's class week 1

It's been a wee bit quiet lately on the scrapping front but this weekend I got back into gear and I made - lost count - heaps of flowers with various papers. I know that I WILL use them at some stage - I promise they won't languish in the stash for too long - and even better I have used papers that I have more of so that I can create pages that use have matching embellishments. Or not. Who knows!?

The first page here is continuing the theme I started a few weeks ago with the photo of my Great Grandma. That one was of her on her 90th (or 95th) birthday.

For this new page I used the same sketch of Trina's and pretty much the same embellishments but with some tiny wee differences - can you spot them? And even harder - can you spot which 'r' was not originally an 'r'? (I have run out of them in my fave chipboard alpha set). The photo is of Great Grandad Albert Harold Roberts (known to all as Harry) and Great Grandma Gertrude Elizabeth Roberts (nee Dohrmann) on their wedding day in 1898. This is her 'going away' outfit. I do have a pic of the wedding dress - and it is gorgeous! - but am holding that one off for another page.

The stickles on the Dusty Attic florish was still wet when I took the pic, and unfortunately the sun has washed the page out a bit but I'm sure you'll forgive me for that.

The second page is for week 1 of Nic Howard's class "Colour! Or is it Color?". This is an online class running for six weeks on Big Picture Classes. This week's colour is red. I love red, but surprisingly (or not) I find it very difficult to find patterned red papers that suit my taste (and photo). In fact I find this problem extends to beads as well. It is very hard to find a nice red bead of the right size, shape, type for my jewellery. But that's another story.

I am hoping to use the same pic of (guess who!) for all the layouts in the class. But that may be a bigger challenge than getting the layouts done! The week starts on Thursdays so I've just completed this one on time and there is still a double 6x6 one to do. Good thing I'm only working part time. :-)

Have a great week.