Sunday, October 3, 2010

Lazy Sunday

I'm sitting here trying to work out how to get some energy back. I haven't done much yet today and somehow I don't think I'll be doing much more either. Hopefully it's not a cold.....I managed to get through winter without one and now that spring is here I think it's caught up with me. Damn!
Crop day yesterday was fairly full on as per usual. Inspiration was slow to come, but I managed two complete layouts and another completed from a class kit.
The first one is using a Trina McClune sketch from way back in August. The wee 'scrolls' across the middle are pieces of the same canvas paper I've used for the background. Note to self for next time I do this: cut the canvas in strips and roll separately. Don't try and cut through the scroll!! The top one is at Palm Cove looking back towards Trinity Beach and the bottom one is the reverse pic. Palm Cove is about 40mins drive north of Cairns. Trinity Beach 20mins.
Next up is another sketch - this time from Becky Fleck which Trina McC blogged about in August, (spot the theme here -- I'm very behind on my sketches!). This photo of my darling FB was taken by sister-in-law Christine when she was visiting us a few weeks ago. FB tolerated their presence for a while but didn't like to come into the lounge when we were all there chatting. Christine caught up with her in the back yard.
Third and final page is of Christine and her hubby Ian and their son Tyson, and FB's cousin Cleo. This was taken when I was in Cairns last week, at their house in Trinity Beach. Tyson actually lives in Cairns but joined us for the afternoon showing me around the town and surrounds. For this page I used a partially made layout from a class kit from about 2 years ago. (Another trend here....I have lots of incomplete pages at home from classes where I didn't have the pics to complete them). :-) The kit was one of Nic Howard's.
I'm off to Shaky Christchurch this week for my BP training so no more crafting until next weekend.
Have a great week.

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