Thursday, October 21, 2010

Would you call it Heritage??

My first page for a wee while but when I saw the sketch on Trina's blog I just had to try this one.
This is my great grandma - Gertrude Roberts (nee Dohrmann) - my mum's mum's mum. :-) This photo was apparently published in the Timaru Herald at the time - taken either on her 90th or 95th (mum can't remember which) birthday at her home in Pleasant Point.
I was about 7 when she died so I don't remember much of her but I do remember going to visit a few times. She lived to 96. Mum's mum lived to 95 and I think great granma's mum lived to a similar age so it looks like I've still got 40-odd years left in me if previous ancestral form is anything to go by!
About the page - as I mentioned, this is based on one of Trina McClune's sketches. There is a wee Dusty Attic branch in there and some bought flowers (the small ones). The main flowers are made by yours truly using the Retro punch trio and water to squish the paper to crinkle. The paper is Basic Grey "Periphery" range and the green/olive cardstock is Bazzill embossed. There's a bit of a paper doily in there too - can you spot it?? The lace is very old.....found it in mum's stash and she got it from her mum so it's all in the family this one.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

A quilling time

Hmm. My first attempts at quilling. I'll leave the judging of the results to you.....

In the kit I bought there are 4 dies to put through a Cuttlebug (or Big Shot). Two petal types - rose and carnation, stamens (the circle bit in the middle), and leaves. The leaf die has three of each type although neither really looks like the foliage for a carnation. One type looks like holly leaves to me.

Anyway, here are the results of my attempts. The stamen bits make good holly berries I reckon.

I'll keep trying, I do kind of like them and I think they're better in the flesh than in the pics....too late at night to be taking pictures.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Fantastic Ferns!

Yes, I stayed up to watch the netball last night and I am soooo glad I did. Edge of the seat stuff and the best result. Fluffy Bum kept nudging me and looking at me - she wanted her supper and bed - but I just couldn't take my eyes off the screen. :-)
I completed my first proper week at work and today I was sort-of on my own as the boss worked overnight. I got through it all unscathed (and everyone else too!) so am rather proud of how I've picked it all up. There's certainly plenty of work to keep me occupied for more than 4 hours a day but I guess eventually I'll have to keep my hours down. But it's all good, and I'm enjoying it.
I went for some celebratory shopping after work. Went to Rebel Sport to spend $40 of vouchers......I wanted a pair of shorts but came away with a pair of shoes instead. Ahem. I'm not telling how much but I did have to get my card out of the wallet.
I then went to Warehouse Stationery to spend the $250 of vouchers I won. I got quite a bit - two packs of cardstock/papers, a punch (1 inch square), a Cuttlebug embossing folder (4 funky square outlines of differing sizes) and a Cuttlebug quilling kit for making roses/carnations. I saw some of the quilling stuff at SENZ in Trina McClune's 3-in-1 class and I liked what I saw so I'm dead keen to get cracking with my new kit. I will post some pics when I've had a go..... Anyway, all this only came to $150 so I've 'gifted' the extra $100 to Rodney. Mostly a thank you for all he does for me, but also partly guilt for spending so much on the shoes.....!!!!
Have a great weekend.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Card Time

It's turning into a busy week, blog-wise.
 Had a request from Mum to make a card for a lady at her church who is turning 70. The lady in question does a lot of card-making too, so I'm thinking she'll like this one. I haven't done a lot of card-making myself this year but I'm more than happy to make the odd one....especially as I'm gonna get paid!
I've used Prima papers to make the flowers, some other leaves (not sure but may be Prima), punched leaves using Martha Stewart punch, some beaded pearls and plenty of Star Dust Stickles. Oh, and a wee piece of tulle.
I'm now making heaps more flowers - they are so cool! Thanks to Jo F and Beck C for the tips on these.

Monday, October 11, 2010

First Day of Work

Not quite my first day at work, but it was my first day doing the real stuff I've been hired to do. And wouldn't you know it, the assistant manager is away for a month so the weekend stuff didn't get done....I had three days of work to do! Not to worry, I get an extra hour worth of pay coming and probably will do that for the rest of the month too.
Have thawed out from yesterday's day at the track. Horizontal hail resulted in one very drenched and miserable me. Fortunately we only had to endure it for a couple of hours (unlike Inglewood of a couple of years ago) but I did wish I was back in Cairns for a while. :-)
Now I'm off over to the chair in the sun to make the most of it for the rest of the day. Fluffy Bum was sitting there, but she's now decided to burrow under the sleeping bag that is still on the floor after my late night watching Val Adams in the shot put on Saturday.
Have a great week.

Saturday, October 9, 2010


Well. I had pretty much forgotten about this competition - it closed way back on July 31. But in the mail today I received $250 of Warehouse Stationery vouchers.....I was one of the 5 winners in their card/scrapbooking competition. Woo hoo!
I entered my Rachel page....slightly different from this one - I used 4 pics instead of 3 and the circle was slightly larger - but essentially the same. I just love the autumn colours of the leaves in the pic which prompted my unfamiliar use of orange in the page.
So that's the exciting news of the week. Not much else to report; been in Chch all week for training for my new job so I've done no craft stuff for the best part of 3 weeks (except for last weekend's crop day). Maybe this week. :-)

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Training Report

Well, yes. I've felt the earthquakes this week. The other night didn't feel like much more than a gentle rocking, but this morning our office creaked quite considerably. It nearly went on a tad too long and I would have been under the desk but I didn't.
I've now completed 3 days of training and I think they like me! I took copious notes today and hopefully I can do a daily banking tomorrow without stopping to ask questions. The bummer bit is I have to get up even earlier as I'm wanted in by 7am. This ain't no holiday! Back to normal hours next week. :-)
Hope you're all well and not too glued to the telly watching the games.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Lazy Sunday

I'm sitting here trying to work out how to get some energy back. I haven't done much yet today and somehow I don't think I'll be doing much more either. Hopefully it's not a cold.....I managed to get through winter without one and now that spring is here I think it's caught up with me. Damn!
Crop day yesterday was fairly full on as per usual. Inspiration was slow to come, but I managed two complete layouts and another completed from a class kit.
The first one is using a Trina McClune sketch from way back in August. The wee 'scrolls' across the middle are pieces of the same canvas paper I've used for the background. Note to self for next time I do this: cut the canvas in strips and roll separately. Don't try and cut through the scroll!! The top one is at Palm Cove looking back towards Trinity Beach and the bottom one is the reverse pic. Palm Cove is about 40mins drive north of Cairns. Trinity Beach 20mins.
Next up is another sketch - this time from Becky Fleck which Trina McC blogged about in August, (spot the theme here -- I'm very behind on my sketches!). This photo of my darling FB was taken by sister-in-law Christine when she was visiting us a few weeks ago. FB tolerated their presence for a while but didn't like to come into the lounge when we were all there chatting. Christine caught up with her in the back yard.
Third and final page is of Christine and her hubby Ian and their son Tyson, and FB's cousin Cleo. This was taken when I was in Cairns last week, at their house in Trinity Beach. Tyson actually lives in Cairns but joined us for the afternoon showing me around the town and surrounds. For this page I used a partially made layout from a class kit from about 2 years ago. (Another trend here....I have lots of incomplete pages at home from classes where I didn't have the pics to complete them). :-) The kit was one of Nic Howard's.
I'm off to Shaky Christchurch this week for my BP training so no more crafting until next weekend.
Have a great week.