Saturday, September 4, 2010

Shaky Times

Well, not many won't be aware now of the rather large earthquake that shook Canterbury awake at 4:33am this morning.
I was staying at my brother's place (Meadow St just off Main North Road before you get to Cranford St in Chch) and we all raced for the doorways very quickly. I bumped my finger along the way and it has a wee lump on it....not quite a bit enough casualty to head to A&E though. :-)
The shaking went on for some time - it was rather scary. The worst quake I've ever experienced and there were a few in my time living in Wellington.
I went to the loo around 5am only to be shaken again by an aftershock in mid-tinkle!!!! There were many more aftershocks between then and 8am when I left for Timaru. Some worthy of another dash to a doorway.
I was in Chch to judge the walk at the National Road Champs at Spencerville. Needless to say, that event has been cancelled (not often a national event gets canned) because not only were comms difficult in Chch (texting by phone the only possible method for some time) but travelling was not recommended and the course had damage.
Checks with the remainder of the family indicate that they've only suffered some small breakages of glass & china, but there are areas of Chch that are not so lucky. The pictures on the telly show some rather shocking pics in the inner city....I was at the corner of Worcester and Manchester only yesterday. So glad it was yesterday and not today.
If the quake had struck during the day I'm quite sure there would have been far more casualties so that's something to be thankful for.
Catch you later.

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