Friday, September 10, 2010

Latest Projects - Part 1

Another week gone. This time I have some semi-good news.....I have a job interview next week. Fingers crossed!

Anyway, project-wise I have completed the box for my sister's album. Hmmm. Making boxes is's what the covering is that can prove rather a lengthy task. Especially when the 'material' isn't wide enough to cover the whole thing. I needed two layers of tissue to cover both the top and bottom bits. Tissue?? Yes, tissue. I didn't want too much thickness otherwise I'd have trouble getting the top to fit over the bottom. And I wanted to use the cool white stuff I'd found. Of course....the white stuff was really really tricky to cover because of all the holes in it. And then it wasn't wide enough to cover all of the top either. Ho hum. Many coats of mod podge later and some ribbons to cover the uneven edges and I think it's ok. It's definitely sturdy enough!

Have a great weekend.


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