Friday, September 17, 2010

Cairns 2004

This is the first of a few pages I'm going to do on our holiday to Cairns back in March 2004.

We spent 8 days (not long enough!) at a resort in Palm Cove. Most of our time was spent lounging by the pool and drinking cocktails. I was brave enough to wear a bikini top and shorts so for the first (and probably only) time I had tan lines on my tummy. Anyway.

We did a trip out to the reef where Rodney had a go at snorkelling (I was very proud of him as he isn't a good swimmer and wasn't overly happy about swimming in the deep end of the pool), and I went for a couple of dives. The first dive was with a group, but on the second one I was the only one to turn up so I had the dive guide all to myself hence I got to be in these pics. It was soooo beautiful down amongst the coral and so peaceful! It wasn't the best day for snorkelling as the surface was quite choppy, but underneath it was calm and beautiful and well, peaceful. I did see a Nemo but my photo didn't come out. The big fish (besides me!) is a regular at this particular reef spot. :-)

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