Sunday, September 19, 2010

Cairns 2004 - Kuranda Day Trip

Well, after reading a bit and watching a music dvd, the creative juices started to flow again. I'm not 100% happy with this one; I really wanted to use the Prima canvas paper again but the colours just didn't work. And this background is the second attempt - hopefully I will be able to find a use for the discarded one that is coloured olive. :-)

In the end, I opted for a simpler layout and I think it worked here.....the pictures being quite diverse in their subject.

Anyway - to the page and what it is about. We took a day trip to Kuranda and the World Heritage Rain Forest during our trip to Cairns. The upwards trip was by rail stopping to admire the Barron Falls. At the Kuranda village we visited the Australian Butterfly Sanctuary; they are so used to humans that if you stand still enough the butterflies will land on you but often not long enough for a camera shot. Very beautiful - very vivid colours on some.
We then took a short tour on the river where we spotted some turtles. No crocs - thank goodness!

The return journey was via the sky rail gondola where we got some wonderful views of the rain forest. With a bit of luck my next page with show some of these sights.


  1. Stunning Kathryn. I love the coloured background. Did you paint it?