Friday, September 17, 2010

At Last!

I have a job!
What a day/week. I started the week with 3 job interviews on Monday and Tuesday, and then I got an email on Tuesday advising I've been selected as a walk judge for the Aussie 50km walk champs in December. The interviews went really really well and I thought "yes" things are finally on the up. Wednesday morning dawns and I get a call saying I'd missed out on one job. Gutted - it was full time, permanent and a great job. So Wednesday wasn't good. Then yesterday I found out I was one of two left in the race for one of the jobs from Tuesday's interviews. The last 24 hours have left me a nervous wreck with a mighty migraine. I finally found out around 2:30 that I had missed out on the job. It was a close call which was why it took so long. Shit. (Excuse the French). While only a 6 month contract it would have been big bucks.
The phone rang about 30 mins ago - it was the lady from the Monday interview. I thought "bugger" this is it. A record 3 rejections in one week. But no! I got the job. It's only part-time but its a job and there is room for extra hours if required. Yay! So I feel like rubbish, but relieved rubbish - if that makes sense. :-) Totally wrung out, but I'm ok. I might even do some more scrapping this evening. (Got a page nearly finished and ready to publish).
So I can go to Cairns next week knowing I have a job to come back to. Major relief in the finance department.
Have a great weekend all. I know I will!


  1. Well done on the job that is great news to hear.

  2. Well done Kathryn where are you going to be working?

  3. I'll be working at BP Connect - the one on Evans St. I'll find out my hours on Monday when I go in to sort out my contract, etc. :-)

  4. Fantastic news Kathryn - way to go
    they are lucky to have you