Thursday, September 30, 2010

Work Update

Hi there,
Not a lot to report since the start of the week, other than day 3 at my new job is over and I'm still enjoying it so that is good. I haven't yet got sick of walking to and from (30mins each way) so with a bit of luck I will start to see the results via a slimmer butt soon!
Haven't yet done any craft work since my return from across the pond but never fear - crop day is not far away and I plan to utilise the whole 12 hours! I have a new gadget for making fabric flowers which I am dying to try out.
See you soon if not before.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Back from Cairns

Well, I'm back from Cairns and have had my first day at my new job at BP.

Cairns was fantastic. Very hot and most days muggy/humid but it was all good and as expected. When it did rain it wasn't cold and I was fortunately under cover at those times.

Unfortunately I didn't get any pics of the actual athletics that I went for but I did get a few pics of my day out with Christine, Ian & Tyson (Siser-in-law, her hubby, and son) and Cleo (the dog). When I've decided which ones to scrap you'll see some of them. :-)

I was appointed to be Chief Walk Judge simply because I was the highest graded walk judge there. I had a hand in sorting out the course which went well, all except for the fact that we neglected to notice there was a helicopter pad (for the hospital) right by the course. We were advised on the morning of setting up that we'd have to vacate the course if a helicopter flew in. Aargh! Fortunately we didn't have to put our hastily put-together backup plan into action and didn't have to use the dreaded H word. I can laugh now! And certainly will remember that for future courses.

I spent the rest of my time at the track working on the throws and also helping out with relay changes. The event was the Oceania Area Champs - my first real international event. It was a great experience and I met some more very nice people some of whom are coming over to NZ in January for the IPC champs (Paralympic world champs for athletics).

My first day at work went well. I spent the morning in the shop serving customers mostly. Didn't take long to work out how to use the till. :-) Some people mumble badly when they request cigarettes so that makes it doubly harder to work out what it is they want. Oh well, I'll soon get the hang of it.

I go to Chch next week for admin training and then back here the following week. Going to be lots of fun!

Have a great week.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Cairns 2004 - Kuranda Day Trip

Well, after reading a bit and watching a music dvd, the creative juices started to flow again. I'm not 100% happy with this one; I really wanted to use the Prima canvas paper again but the colours just didn't work. And this background is the second attempt - hopefully I will be able to find a use for the discarded one that is coloured olive. :-)

In the end, I opted for a simpler layout and I think it worked here.....the pictures being quite diverse in their subject.

Anyway - to the page and what it is about. We took a day trip to Kuranda and the World Heritage Rain Forest during our trip to Cairns. The upwards trip was by rail stopping to admire the Barron Falls. At the Kuranda village we visited the Australian Butterfly Sanctuary; they are so used to humans that if you stand still enough the butterflies will land on you but often not long enough for a camera shot. Very beautiful - very vivid colours on some.
We then took a short tour on the river where we spotted some turtles. No crocs - thank goodness!

The return journey was via the sky rail gondola where we got some wonderful views of the rain forest. With a bit of luck my next page with show some of these sights.

Sunday Inspiration

It's Sunday and I am very much lacking in inspiration. I have all day to scrap (sort of), but so far I've come up with nothing. After the great start on the Cairns subject with my scuba diving on the reef page, I've suddenly lost my mojo or whatever it is that I need to be creative.
So instead I'm going to lie in the sun and read a book for a while. Hope your Sunday is going more creatively than mine! :-)

Friday, September 17, 2010

Cairns 2004

This is the first of a few pages I'm going to do on our holiday to Cairns back in March 2004.

We spent 8 days (not long enough!) at a resort in Palm Cove. Most of our time was spent lounging by the pool and drinking cocktails. I was brave enough to wear a bikini top and shorts so for the first (and probably only) time I had tan lines on my tummy. Anyway.

We did a trip out to the reef where Rodney had a go at snorkelling (I was very proud of him as he isn't a good swimmer and wasn't overly happy about swimming in the deep end of the pool), and I went for a couple of dives. The first dive was with a group, but on the second one I was the only one to turn up so I had the dive guide all to myself hence I got to be in these pics. It was soooo beautiful down amongst the coral and so peaceful! It wasn't the best day for snorkelling as the surface was quite choppy, but underneath it was calm and beautiful and well, peaceful. I did see a Nemo but my photo didn't come out. The big fish (besides me!) is a regular at this particular reef spot. :-)

At Last!

I have a job!
What a day/week. I started the week with 3 job interviews on Monday and Tuesday, and then I got an email on Tuesday advising I've been selected as a walk judge for the Aussie 50km walk champs in December. The interviews went really really well and I thought "yes" things are finally on the up. Wednesday morning dawns and I get a call saying I'd missed out on one job. Gutted - it was full time, permanent and a great job. So Wednesday wasn't good. Then yesterday I found out I was one of two left in the race for one of the jobs from Tuesday's interviews. The last 24 hours have left me a nervous wreck with a mighty migraine. I finally found out around 2:30 that I had missed out on the job. It was a close call which was why it took so long. Shit. (Excuse the French). While only a 6 month contract it would have been big bucks.
The phone rang about 30 mins ago - it was the lady from the Monday interview. I thought "bugger" this is it. A record 3 rejections in one week. But no! I got the job. It's only part-time but its a job and there is room for extra hours if required. Yay! So I feel like rubbish, but relieved rubbish - if that makes sense. :-) Totally wrung out, but I'm ok. I might even do some more scrapping this evening. (Got a page nearly finished and ready to publish).
So I can go to Cairns next week knowing I have a job to come back to. Major relief in the finance department.
Have a great weekend all. I know I will!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Latest Projects - Part 2

My other project this week was a canvas. It's a special pressie for my new sister-in-law who turns 50 on Saturday. It doubles as a belated wedding pressie.
I have several goes at colouring the canvas. The first canvas is now sitting in my craft room waiting for a new project! I had tried to mix a brown paint and came up with a forest green. Ha! So I bought some brown paint (Raw Umber) and tried again, and this time I mixed it with modelling paste to get a lumpy bumpy background. Inked it with Tim Holtz Distress Ink (Walnut Stain) and then sprayed with Glimmer Mist (Dazzling Diamonds). A little bit more ink on top of that.

The photo is mounted on 3mm bookboard and then matted with some Ice Silver metallic look paper.

The white stuff - no idea what it's called or who makes it - but I got it from a local florist. The green stuff - Webster's Pages "Blooms" (gorgeous!). The bling is another unknown maker; I got that from a sewing shop in the braids section. A little bit of Twinklets Diamond Dust on the red roses and it was complete.

Hope she likes it. :-)

Latest Projects - Part 1

Another week gone. This time I have some semi-good news.....I have a job interview next week. Fingers crossed!

Anyway, project-wise I have completed the box for my sister's album. Hmmm. Making boxes is's what the covering is that can prove rather a lengthy task. Especially when the 'material' isn't wide enough to cover the whole thing. I needed two layers of tissue to cover both the top and bottom bits. Tissue?? Yes, tissue. I didn't want too much thickness otherwise I'd have trouble getting the top to fit over the bottom. And I wanted to use the cool white stuff I'd found. Of course....the white stuff was really really tricky to cover because of all the holes in it. And then it wasn't wide enough to cover all of the top either. Ho hum. Many coats of mod podge later and some ribbons to cover the uneven edges and I think it's ok. It's definitely sturdy enough!

Have a great weekend.


Saturday, September 4, 2010

Shaky Times

Well, not many won't be aware now of the rather large earthquake that shook Canterbury awake at 4:33am this morning.
I was staying at my brother's place (Meadow St just off Main North Road before you get to Cranford St in Chch) and we all raced for the doorways very quickly. I bumped my finger along the way and it has a wee lump on it....not quite a bit enough casualty to head to A&E though. :-)
The shaking went on for some time - it was rather scary. The worst quake I've ever experienced and there were a few in my time living in Wellington.
I went to the loo around 5am only to be shaken again by an aftershock in mid-tinkle!!!! There were many more aftershocks between then and 8am when I left for Timaru. Some worthy of another dash to a doorway.
I was in Chch to judge the walk at the National Road Champs at Spencerville. Needless to say, that event has been cancelled (not often a national event gets canned) because not only were comms difficult in Chch (texting by phone the only possible method for some time) but travelling was not recommended and the course had damage.
Checks with the remainder of the family indicate that they've only suffered some small breakages of glass & china, but there are areas of Chch that are not so lucky. The pictures on the telly show some rather shocking pics in the inner city....I was at the corner of Worcester and Manchester only yesterday. So glad it was yesterday and not today.
If the quake had struck during the day I'm quite sure there would have been far more casualties so that's something to be thankful for.
Catch you later.