Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Spring is here

Well, if not officially it certainly does feel like it at the moment. Yesterday and today such beautiful sunny days and I really don't feel like doing much but sitting in the sun. :-) Only the one job rejection so far this week. I've applied for another one so I'm still 'in the black'.

Totally looking forward to this weekend; scrap camp at Raincliff. Hopefully not the last one ever, but all the same it's going to be a blast. Can't wait. A whole weekend of scrappin', chattin', singin' (sort of!), drinkin', eatin', and more scrappin'.

I have a bunch of new earrings that I've made over the last few weeks and they will be up on my Facebook page and the website very soon. Hopefully something for everyone. My earring holder (in the shop) is getting a bit full now! Depending on what else happens this week I'll maybe have some matching necklaces/bracelets.

I'm on the home straight with the wedding invites, etc. I hope you liked my pics.

If you're a Timaruvian, did you spot my ad in the paper last Friday?? If you bring that ad when you come visit the shop you'll qualify for a half price discount on any of the jewellery (if there's nothing to your taste I will make to measure).

Have a happy week.


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