Friday, August 13, 2010

Black Friday

Well, I had hoped by now I'd have good news for you on the job front but no. Another one down the gurgler today. Still, I have a few I'm waiting to hear from so all is not lost. Yet.

On the craft front I've done not a 'scrap' (haha get it) of scrapbooking unless you count the wedding invites I'm working on. They are about 50% done. I'll post a sample once I've handed them over to the future bride and her partner.

I have been working on some jewellery this week. A new design that I quite like and works in various sizes so hopefully something for all tastes. This one I am donating to Abby for her raffle. So make sure you buy a ticket!!! I will make another one for selling so don't fret if you miss out. :-)

I also have one of these with Pink Pearls and Black wire. The photo is a bit blurry so I'll try again with the tripod later. I've got some lovely Ruby and Amethyst crystals to try out as well. Maybe even a Topaz. Let me know what you think. :-)
Here's hoping your Black Friday hasn't been too dreary and your weekend will get off to a great start.


  1. This is stunning Kathryn, Abby is so excited and stoaked that you were able to support her raise funds for the Leukemia foundation and now she wants to win your necklace :-)

  2. Thanks heaps. I quite like it myself although I don't have anything to wear it with so maybe that's a good thing. Glad to be of help.