Saturday, July 24, 2010

Saturday Crop Day results

What a day! I've done two layouts with lots of detail and I am totally happy with both of them. I can't say a lot about what the layouts are for as there might be some eyes reading this before they're meant to, but I guess the reason for them is not so important anyway.

The subject of the first one is my neice, Rachel. I don't know if orange is going to become a regular feature of my pages, but in this one orange just seemed so appropriate, even though the autumn leaves have been cropped out of the pic!! The pic was taken 2-3 years ago when she was 4 (she'll be 7 in November). Quite the wee model she is don't you think?

Basic background cardstock aside, I have used some K & Company "Hopscotch" paper and the flap of a packing box. I ripped the brown covering off one side of the corrugated cardboard (and used it in my other layout which is still drying so I'll talk about that one tomorrow) and sprayed it with Iridescent Gold Glimmer Mist. (Must get some of that - it's fabulous!). The edge of the circle is 'trimmed' with Autumn Flower Soft; great stuff that too.

I had fun with the Dusty Attic Large Swirly Vine. Part of it is embossed with Verdigris Antiquities embossing powder and the rest with more Flower Soft (adhered with Chrystalina Kindi Glitz).

Some bead string and a few leaf punches and the flower in the bottom corner (layered from several different sources) and the page was complete. I've just got to work out how to flatten out the backing cardstock which has curled a little due to the Dimensional Magic I used to adhere the corrugated cardboard. I don't often use wet glue on my pages but as this one may yet go onto a canvas I wanted to ensure everything was well stuck down. Don't want bits falling off the wall!

I hope you like it as much as I do. :-)

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